Prince George's NEWSLETTER

Prince George’s NEWSLETTER
An Independent, Bi-Weekly Newsletter on Real Estate Development
Volume 24, Number 7
Doors Shut at
Oak Creek Club
An ongoing dispute over building
permits has forced Montgomery
Development to shut down operations
at Oak Creek Club in Upper Marlboro.
Montgomery’s hand was forced when,
after months without permits, its lender
declared the project in default.
Montgomery has told the homeowners
board that its offices at the golf course
community will remain shut down until
the project’s future can be determined.
At nearly 1,000 acres, the Oak Creek is
one of the county’s premier
At issue is a condition of approval on
the conceptual site plan that
Montgomery is unable to meet: that
construction on a golf course
clubhouse begin by either the 850th
building permit or by March, 2010,
whichever is sooner. While about 500
permits have been issued, well short of
the trigger at 850, the March deadline
came and went. But with only about 50
members, there is little prospect of Oak
Creek Golf building the clubhouse.
That means the larger Oak Creek
project has been stymied since late last
year over the issue, when Park and
Planning put a hold on all new permits
until the developer could come into
compliance with the condition.
Planning staff determined two months
ago that changing the condition
required a full Planning Board review.
(See ‘Oak Creek’ on Page 2)
April 4, 2011
Eight-Building Buy
JV Acquires Office, Warehouse in College Park
A joint venture bought eight buildings in College Park built by longtime developer
Irving Kidwell.
The Goldstar Group, in a partnership with Congressional Commercial, paid $3.975
million to acquire 5105 – 5127 Berwyn Road. Those addresses total eight buildings
in all, sitting on 5.4 acres and amounting to 81,000 square feet. The buildings run
from 4,000 square feet to a largest building of 18,000 feet.
Goldstar and Congressional now are looking to lease up the available 25 percent in
vacant space. La Prima Catering is already a tenant, and the seller, an affiliate of
Strickland Fire Protection, agreed to a new lease as part of the sale. Asking rents run
from $8 to $11 triple net for what are a variety of available spaces, from small-bay
to larger warehouse and office suites. Overall, the project is about two-thirds
warehouse and the remainder office space.
“We think we bought it right, in terms of price per foot and cap rate,” said Michael
Brodsky of Bethesda-based Goldstar. “It gives us the flexibility to hold it or lease it
up and sell it in a few years.” Brodsky said the partnership will do some minor
capital improvements, but said the previous owners had kept the buildings in good
Goldstar’s partner Congressional Commercial last surfaced in the county when it
bought 4500 Lehigh Avenue in College Park. That $500,000 acquisition bought
Congressional a small office and retail building close to the University of Maryland.
Before that, Congressional, headed by Langdon Hample, paid $700,000 for a oneacre tract in Brentwood now leased to The Roof Center. The acquisition of the
Berwyn Road properties was a direct deal. It was financed with a $2.4 million loan
from the Bank of Georgetown.
Beltsville Warehouse Traded For $1.7 Million
A warehouse sale in Beltsville at the end of the year made it past our scrutiny.
Daata Partners (Daata is not a typo) paid $1.7 million to claim 7125 Virginia Manor
Court as 2010 closed out. The 20,000 square foot free-standing warehouse sits on
two acres zoned I-1. Long time owners Doane & Kempner LLC parted with the
building. D&K had sold its business eight years ago but retained the real estate until
the sale. It had most recently leased the building to Yangtze Railroad Fasteners,
which left Beltsville for a new location in Baltimore. Hobbs and Associates
represented the seller, while Edge Commercial brought the buyer.
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Mirage Makes
Short-term Play
Freshly acquired by cosmetic giant
Revlon, Mirage Cosmetics has
expanded in Beltsville with a shortterm lease.
Mirage already has a Beltsville
presence, at 10721 Tucker Street, but
it took 44,149 square feet for a oneyear term at 10726 Tucker. The deal
is a sublease with current tenant
Gryphon House Inc.
Mirage’s acquisition by Revlon went
down in the beauty trade press as an
effort by the bigger company to
expand its reach in the nail polish
business. Apparently, Mirage’s
‘Sinful Colors’ line was the lure.
Rob Foa of TSC Realty brought the
subtenant, while Andy Mayr of NAI
Michael Company represented
New Contract Spurs
Landover Lease
The award of a WMATA contract
means that almost 13,000 square feet
of office space was removed from the
Clark Construction Group leased
12,528 square feet at 8100
Professional Place in Landover in
order to service the contract with the
area transit agency. Clark will be
there for a seven-year term, though
much of the office space will be
given over to WMATA employees,
as is customary with agency
Ken Fellows of Edge Commercial
represented landlord Advance Realty,
while Andy Mayr of NAI Michael
Company brought Clark.
April 4, 2011
Chaddsford Settlements for KHov
Chaddsford and Palisades are the two subdivisions providing the most sustenance to K.
Hovnanian’s bottom line right now.
A review of the land records shows that KHov settled on 13 units for the first two
months of the year in Prince George’s County. Of that group, seven were in
Chaddsford, off Route 301 in Brandywine, while KHov went to the settlement table
three times in Palisades. Otherwise, KHov closed two deals in ‘Lakeview,’ and and
one in ‘Ridings at Upper Marlboro.’
Of the Chaddsford deals, two, averaging $221,000, were townhouse sales. Otherwise,
KHov closed five singles in the Brandywine subdivision, getting $332,000 on average.
KHov’s three closings in Palisades all cleared the $500,000 mark. It joined Caruso last
year in the Church Road subdivision just south of Central Avenue after Pulte pulled up
stakes. The three Palisades deals averaged $510,000.
KHov also got healthy numbers in Lakeview at Brandywine, where it actually wrote
the highest sale of the bunch - $570,000 - in a January closing. Another homebuyer
took up residence in Lakeview for $534,000. Finally, KHov sold a new single in
Ridings at Upper Marlboro, where it’s in the final phase, for $407,000.
Oak Creek Club Halted Over Permit Issue
(Continued from Page 1)
Since then, 16 of the 19 recent contract purchasers in Oak Creek have cancelled their
contracts with their builders. Over the last year, NVHomes and Ryan, Craftmark
Homes and K&P were all active in the community.
Oak Creek’s developer got a small sliver of good news last week, when the Planning
Board agreed to waive the normal $30,000 filing fee in order to hear an argument to
amend the clubhouse condition. Montgomery Development was expected to file an
amended conceptual plan last week that would eliminate the March, 2010 deadline
outright. It will propose instead that it must commence construction on the clubhouse
before it draws the 850th permit. The earliest that proposal can be heard is in May.
Meanwhile, Montgomery has proceeded to arbitration with Oak Creek Golf, the course
operators, but those talks don’t begin until late May, and Montgomery has indicated to
others that early negotiations with the golf course company have not been fruitful.
Faced with those deadlines, Montgomery closed its offices at Oak Creek in late March,
and, because it no longer has an operating account, informed the Oak Creek
homeowners association that it had to take responsibility for grounds maintenance,
guard service and the like.
As of last week, Montgomery was preparing to file its new plan. Getting a hearing is
no guarantee that a change in the condition is coming, as there is a group of residents
that has opposed any change in the condition. But without that change, there will be no
building at Oak Creek for a long time to come.
Prince George’s Newsletter
Ft. Wash Property
Put in Chapter 11
The partnership that owns an 18.7 acre
tract that overlooks the Potomac River
in Fort Washington filed for
bankruptcy protection recently.
The Grande Vista LLC staved off an
auction scheduled for last week by
seeking Chapter 11 protection. The
Virginia-based group owns 18.7 acres
at 8409 Clay Drive that it hoped to
develop for custom homebuilders.
Grande Vista plans 20 single-family
lots, and last spring had cleared a
hurdle when its design met with county
historic preservation commission
approval. Next door to Grande Vista is
the historic Upper Notley Hall
mansion. A preliminary plan of
subdivision was subsequently approved
in April.
Located off Fort Foote Road, the
planned subdivision is also a short
walk to National Harbor, just to the
north. The community doesn’t front the
Potomac River, but Grande Vista’s
plans include an easement that would
provide future homeowners with access
to the mighty Potomac.
Auction on 83 Lots
An 83-lot subdivision is up for bid
online, but is set for a final auction in
The Grasslyn properties, totaling 60.2
acres and located on Ritchie Marlboro
Road, just north of Brown Road, are
being auctioned by Tranzon Fox.
Zoned R-R, Grasslyn was platted as a
cluster subdivision and has detailed site
plan approval.
Go to and click on
Maryland auctions.
April 4, 2011
Some Changes Coming
Sparring over Environmental Regs
With interest in development starting to stir again, developers revisiting their plans
or bringing in new ones are waking up to a startling reality: the environmental laws
are greatly changed. And they’re much tougher.
Over the last few months, concern about the package of bills passed in June of last
year has risen, as developers try to navigate the demands of the legislation itself, the
accompanying Technical Manual, and for some, the difficult grandfather clause.
But Park and Planning has heard an earful from developers and is beginning to work
on changes to both the Manual and the legislation that should make the
environmental laws more workable.
Both developers and planning staffers agree that the usual give-and-take that
accompanies major legislation didn’t occur with the environmental changes.
Although planners reached out to the industry as the changes began to take shape in
2008 and 2009, most developers were struggling to renegotiate loans, not worrying
about expanded stream buffers.
“It’s probably true that the flow of cases was down,” said the environmental
division’s CJ Lammers. “Now more people are active and we’re applying the
changes to real cases. It’s a bit like a new pair of shoes. It does require some
breaking in.”
Right now, planners are trying to differentiate administrative changes and what they
call ‘common sense’ changes from more substantive amendments. Lammers said that
developers may have an issue with expanded stream buffers and the requirement to
place Primary Management Areas on lots of at least an acre, even in the smaller lot
zones, but those are issues that the County Council actively debated and approved.
Likely Amendments. More ripe for change in the coming months are those places
where the code is conflicting or uncertain. Those include instances of when the tree
canopy rules apply and which trees are counted or not counted. Also likely to be
reviewed is the wide-ranging requirement for an NRI, or natural resources inventory.
The legislation greatly expanded the number of plans for which an NRI must be
produced. In both the tree canopy and NRI cases, there is discussion of backing the
requirement off to fewer plans, particularly where no new development is involved.
Additionally, the grandfather clauses were written in the proverbial 11th hour, and are
candidates for a revision.
Planners say despite some of the missteps, the legislation has clear benefits, among
them the setting down of standards and definitions. Lammers said she recently
received a plan that had all the right notes, all the standards met, and everything in
order, something she hadn’t seen in 10 years. “It was a hallelujah moment,” she said.
“People can get to the right answer much more quickly,” said Lammers. “We think it
will reduce the number of reviews and streamline the process.” Developers,
meanwhile, remain concerned that costs will rise and density will fall as a result of
the new environmental laws.
Prince George’s Newsletter
Church Back for
Its’ Sanctuary
An application by the church that won
a multi-million dollar land-use
settlement against the county is one of
the projects trying to win a sewer and
water category change.
Reaching Hearts International wants to
build a 72,000 square foot sanctuary
and 12,000 square foot gym on its 13acre property at 6100 Brooklyn Bridge
Road. Its efforts go back several years
but were interrupted by a trip to federal
district court, where a $3.7 million
judgment in its favor was upheld.
Reaching Hearts, a Seventh Day
Adventist congregation, filed suit in
2005 seeking $9 million, claiming the
county had violated its civil rights by
disapproving its application for a
category change. Reaching Hearts’
property is located close to the Rocky
Gorge Reservoir, and thenCouncilmember Tom Dernoga,
opposing the project, rallied support
against it as it was too close to the
county’s ‘largest source of drinking
Dernoga ultimately lobbied for and
won approval of a bill which reduced
development density within 2,500 feet
of a drinking water reservoir.
But the Church claimed, and its suit
upheld, that it was discriminated
against as a religious organization.
Other projects seeking a category
change include developer Harvey
Blonder’s plan for 16 townhouses and
a two story retail building at
11730Annapolis Road in Glenn Dale;
16 townhouses in ‘Marlton’ in Upper
Marlboro, on property owned by the
county but under contract to Property
& Industry Coordinators; and a
proposal to use a 50,000 square foot
building at 14175 Brandywine Road as
a recycling facility.
April 4, 2011
Forest City Again
Pair Tabbed for New Carrollton
Forest City Enterprises and Urban Atlantic Development are the chosen developers
for the New Carrollton Metro Station. The choice gives Forest City a second major
stake in the county, for it is already a partner in the development of Konterra in
At New Carrollton, the pair will lay their corporate hands on 39 acres surrounding the
station and begin over the next few months to develop a cohesive plan. Chosen from
five bidders, Forest City and Urban Atlantic can develop up to 5.5 million feet of
office and retail, as well as 3,000 residential units.
Contributions: The Loophole Will Be Shut
General Assembly members rejected a county-driven ethics compromise and appear
poised to pass their own legislation on developer contributions.
The Council didn’t get what it wanted at all on the contribution bill, and Assembly
sources suggest that the Council may have overplayed its hand in pushing for an
amendment that would effectively codify ‘district courtesy.’ As it is, the bill moving
forward will not allow members to vote on those projects where a developer or its
employees had contributed to the members’ slate within the previous three years.
Councilmembers could only vote on a project if the Council member agreed to pay
back the donation and disclose it.
Expanding the prohibition on requiring recusal from a slate, instead of just a
Councilmember directly, is seen by some as a money grab by the state legislators.
Laurel Councilmember Mary Lehman rejected the legislation as a ‘consolidation of
power,’ according to the Gazette.
But others see in the play out of ethics bills a refusal by the Council to read the
extremely large writing on the wall of a few months ago. Leading Assembly officials
had made clear after the Jack Johnson scandal broke that an ethics bill would pass, but
instead of preemptively ceding some ground the Council went into defensive mode.
First, the nine members tenaciously fought limitations to the District Council call-up
provision before finally accepting a 205-day limit on their review of site plans. Then
they turned their collective opposition to the contribution bill. There, the Council’s
suggested compromise would have prohibited slate contributions from developers
during the time a project was reviewed. It also would require only those Council
members in an affected district to recuse themselves from a vote if they had taken
developer contributions. That, the Assembly decided, fell far short of its expectations.
Major Road Agreement:
As our newsletter went to press, it was
reported that the developers of Konterra and the state had reached a settlement that
should, literally, pave the way for a new interchange on I-95 and future growth at the
mixed-use Laurel project.. As first reported by The Post, the state and the Gould
family agreed that the Goulds will deed land to the state, which will build a $44
million interchange at 95 and Contee Road. The state will also provide the county
with $30 million to rebuild Virginia Manor Road. In turn, the state gets land it needs
to complete the ICC.
Prince George’s Newsletter
April 4, 2011
In Brief…
……NOAA’s 269,000 square foot
build-to-suit in College Park will soon
be a bustling work site again. GSA and
Skanska USA Building signed a
construction agreement and lease that
should lead to the empty building’s
Work had stalled after a dispute
between GSA and original contractor
Opus East LLC over millions of dollars
in change orders went to federal court.
A settlement, outlined in an earlier
issue of the Newsletter, was reached
over a month ago, leading to Skanska’s
role in the project.
The new schedule is to complete the
data center by January. When the
building is complete and occupied, it
will serve as the anchor for the M
Square research park, as long expected.
The former Tia’s Restaurant in
Bowie changed hands and will be
redeveloped as a small medical office
As Frederick Road Realty II,
Catonsville-based Jeffrey Miller paid
$775,000 for the 1.57 acre site on
Excalibur Road. Miller had to first
convince the City of Bowie that
covenants limiting uses on the property
to restaurants should be amended to
allow the redevelopment.
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Building Permits Issued
March 14 – 25, 2011
NVR Inc., (301) 937-9761, to build a single-family unit at 14302 Lusby Ridge
Road, Accokeek, in “The Preserve;”
NVR Inc., (301) 937-9761, to build two single-family units in “Bealle Hill Forest,”
Accokeek, at:
• 16502 Hardisty Farm Lane;
• 16309 Addison Patent Lane;
Bowie / Mitchellville
Mid-Atlantic Builders, Old Georgetown Road, Rockville, Md. (301) 231-0009, to
build 7 single-family units in “Ashleigh Station,” Bowie, at:
• 2202 Davit Court;
• 2203 Davit Court;
• 2206 Davit Court;
• 2209 Davit Court;
• 2212 Davit Court;
• 2213 Davit Court;
• 2214 Davit Court;
Caruso Homes, 1662 Village Green, Crofton, Md. (301) 261-0277, to build a
single-family unit at 13206 Oyster Catcher Lane, Bowie, in “Ashton Estates;”
D.R. Horton Inc., Gaithersburg, Md. (301) 670-6144, to build 7 single-family
units in ‘Balk Hill,’ Mitchellville, at:
• 2300 Brooke Grove Road;
• 2302 Brooke Grove Road;
• 2308 Brooke Grove Road;
• 2310 Brooke Grove Road;
• 9809 Traver Street;
• 9807 Traver Street;
• 9805 Traver Street;
NVR Inc., (301) 937-9761, to build a single-family unit at 4611 Dr. Beans Legacy,
Bowie, in ‘Fairwood;’
Clinton / Brandywine
NVR Inc., to build a single-family unit at 4804 Mary Beth Blvd., Clinton;
Dan Ryan Builders, 60 Thomas Johnson Drive, Frederick, Md. 21702, to build
two single-family units in ‘Timber Village,’ Brandywine, at:
• 13205 Old Liberty Lane;
• 13213 Whitaker Park Drive;
Haverford Constr, 6525 Belcrest Road, Hyattsville, Md. (301) 864-6500, to build
a single-family unit at 13203 Arya Drive, Brandywine, in “Piscataway Heights;”
Upper Marlboro
NVR Inc., to build a single-family unit at 2109 Fittleworth Terrace, Upper
Marlboro, in “BeechTree;”
Marrick Homes, 3150 West Ward Road, #401, Dunkirk, Md. (301) 855-3828, to
build two single-family units in ‘Villages at Melwood,’ Upper Marlboro, at:
• 10207 Twisted Stalk Court;
• 10203 Arethusa Lane;
(Continued on Page 6)
Prince George’s Newsletter
April 4, 2011
Building Permits Issued (from p. 5)
Commercial Permits Issued
March 14 – 25, 2011
Craftmark Homes, Elm Street, McLean, Va. (703) 7349855, to build a single-family unit at 13400 Frontgate Drive,
Upper Marlboro, in ‘Frontgate Farms;”
Mid-Atlantic Builders, (301) 231-0009, to build a singlefamily unit at 15408 Ravenglass Lane, Upper Marlboro, in
K. Hovnanian Homes, 1802 Brightseat Road, Landover,
Md. (301) 772-8911, to build four single-family units in
“Palisades,” Upper Marlboro, at:
• 14113 Jones Bridge Road;
• 14114 Jones Bridge Road;
• 219 Garden Gate Lane;
• 14127 Jones Bridge Road;
Toll Brothers, Columbia, Md. (410) 876-9105, to build two
single-family units in ‘Marlboro Ridge,’ Upper Marlboro, at:
• 4026 Bridle Ridge Road;
• 4017 Bridle Ridge Road;
Perlco Builders, 811 Russell Avenue, #300, Gaithersburg,
Md. (301) 921-8700, to build four single-family units in
Temple Hills, at:
• 4900 Faith Crossing Court;
• 4902 Faith Crossing Court;
• 4904 Faith Crossing Court;
• 4906 Faith Crossing Court;
Triad Construction, 14626 Rothgeb Drive, Rockville, Md.
(301) 279-8811, to build a $1.2 million addition for Outback
Steakhouse at 6800 Race Track Road, Bowie;
AES Electrical, 13335 Mid-Atlantic Blvd, Laurel, (301)
595-0665, to do $900,000 in generator and interior work for
PNC Bank at 5700 Rivertech Court, Riverdale;
Consys Inc., 732 Kennedy St., NW, Washington, DC, (202)
545-1333, to build a $300,000 alteration for D.C. Courts, at
6217 Columbia Park Road, Landover;
Yes! Organic Market, 4600 East West Highway, #800,
Bethesda, Md. (301) 652-9020, to build a $500,000 interior
fit-out at 5331 Baltimore Avenue, Hyattsville;
Nardi Construction, 11800 Baltimore Avenue, #118,
Beltsville, Md., to build a $175,000 fit-out for Zip Mail Inc. at
6304 Sheriff Road, Landover;
CSG Commercial Builders, 5024 Campbell Blvd., #E,
Nottingham, Md. (410) 933-4934, to build a $150,000 fit-out
for Metropolitan Women’s Group, at 7701 Greenbelt Road,
ARA Construction Group, 7500 Energy Court, Curtis
Bay, Md. (443) 770-0800, to build a $586,000 interior
alteration for Staples, at 7933 Annapolis Road, Lanham;
NHB Investment LLC, 6710 Oxon Hill Road, #300,
National Harbor, Md. (301) 749-6700, to build a $280,000 fitout for Good Enterprises, at 165 Waterfront Street, Oxon Hill;
NV Blu Inc., 14000 Thunderbolt Place, Chantilly, Va.
(703) 906-0324, to build a $100,000 pool at “The Preserve”,
at 2800 St. Mary’s View, Accokeek;
Walker Mill Baptist Church, 6801 Walker Mill Road,
District Heights, Md. (301) 808-4992, to build a $690,000
building for a day care center at the same address;
Tank Systems Services, 3912 Wilkinson Road, Havre de
Grace, Md., (443) 807-4216, to build a $300,000 underground
tank at 3301 Brinkley Road, Temple Hills;
Corning Construction, 10101 Bacon Drive, Beltsville, Md.
(301) 937-5130, to build a $120,000 pool repair at 8615
McLain Avenue, Lanham;
L.F. Jennings Inc., 407 N. Washington Street, Falls
Church, Va. (703) 241-1200, to build a $145,000 interior
alteration at 6100 Greenbelt Road, Greenbelt;
Other Locations
Advantage Homes, 12800 Middlebrook Road, #100,
Germantown, Md. (301) 540-1778, to build three singlefamily units in ‘Northern Estates,” Glenn Dale, at:
• 10603 Crimson Tree Court;
• 7707 Mystic River Terrace;
• 7709 Mystic River Terrace;
Townhouse Permits Issued
NVHomes Inc., to build six units at 4930 – 4942
Matapeake Bounty Drive, Bowie, in “Fairwood;”
Lennar, Wincopin Circle, Columbia, Md. (301) 666-3500,
to build four units at 2216 – 2220 Congresbury Place, Upper
Marlboro, in ‘BeechTree;’
NVR Inc., to build 13 units at 2200 – 2210 Turleygreen
Place and 15300 – 15310 Camberly Place, Upper Marlboro,
K. Hovnanian Homes, (301) 772-8900, to build six
townhouse units at 6700 – 6710 Funderburg Drive, Capitol
Heights, in “Villages of Pepper Mill;”
NVR Inc., to build five units at 708 - 716 Waveland
Avenue, Capitol Heights, in “Addison Road South;”
Prince George’s Newsletter
April 4, 2011
acres. 1 parcel for institutional use. Located off Powder Mill
Road near North Lincoln Avenue, Beltsville. Appl: Potomac
Conference of 7th Day Adventists, AB Consultants, Laurel,
Md. (301) 470-2476.
DSP-10032 – Checkers. Zoned C-S-C. 1.41 acres. Propose
new restaurant with drive-through at 301 Commercial Center.
Located in the southwest quadrant of the intersection of Route
301 and Clymer Drive, Brandywine. Appl: 301 Commercial
Center LLC, c/o Marrick Properties, 995 North Prince
Frederick, Blvd., #201, Prince Frederick, Md. 20678. (301)
Commercial Permit Applications
March 14 – 25, 2011
Tires Plus, 8850 Walker Mill Road, Capitol Heights, Md.,
to build a $250,000 alteration at 8850 Walker Mill Road,
Capitol Heights;
Triangle Sign & Service, PO Box 24186, Baltimore, Md.
(410) 247-5300, to build a $275,000 clock and video
assemblage at FedEx Field;
Marrick Properties, (301) 855-3828, to build a $1.5
million building for Tires Plus, at 15911 Crain Highway,
Bozzuto Homes, 6401 Golden Triangle Drive, #200,
Greenbelt, Md. (301) 220-0100, to build a $300,000
community center at 6816 Walker Mill Road;
Albrecht Construction, 15025 Scottswood Court,
Woodbine, Md. 21797, (301) 471-5555, to build a $150,000
interior alteration for Greater Baden Medical, at 7450 Albert
Road, Brandywine;
Samuel Zell, 200 Broad Street, 3rd Fl., Philadelphia, Pa.,
(215) 875-0774, to build a $120,000 fit-out for Foot Locker,
at 3500 East West Highway, Hyattsville;
KBR Corporation, 10503 Braddock Road, #B, Fairfax, Va.
(703) 323-1424, to build a $125,000 fit-out for Mom’s
Organic, at 9827 Rhode Island Avenue, College Park;
DSP-05066-03 – Chick-Fil-A. Zoned C-S-C. 9.24 acres.
Propose 4,676 square foot fast food restaurant. Located in the
northwest quadrant of Silver Hill Road and Penn. Avenue,
District Hieghts. Tax map 81A-3. Appl: Chick-Fil-A Inc.,
5200 Buffington Road, Atlanta, Ga. 30349. (404) 765-8000.
DSP-86096-03 – Executive Terrace at Largo Park. Zoned
I-3. 6.89 acres. Propose daycare and outdoor play area for 45
children within existing office building. Located near the
intersection of Mercantile Lane and Technology Way, Largo.
Appl: Knollwood Development Corp., 1300 Mercantile Lane,
#130, Upper Marlboro, Md. 20774. (301) 322-8484.
Preliminary Plans Submitted
Site Plans Approved
Site Plans Submitted
March 24 and 31, 2011
4-10019 – Edwards Property. Zoned L-A-C. 4.14 acres. 3
parcels for retail project of approximately 22,000 square.
Located in the northwest quadrant of the intersection of Riggs
Road and Adelphi Road, Adelphi. Tax map 24E-3. Appl:
Zimmer Development, 111 Princess Street, Wilmington, NC,
28401. (910) 763-4669.
4-10026 – Middleton Lane. Zoned R-R. 1.23 acres. 3 lots.
Located at Dalton Street and Middleton Lane, off Route 5,
Brandywine. Tax map 97F-3. Appl: Patrick Ricker, Box 1267,
Bowie, Md. 20718. (240) 375-4462.
DSP-04026-01 – Bradbury Subdivision. Zoned R-T. 2.55
acres. Revision to add architectural elevations for 18 singlefamily lots. Located on the west side of Shadyside Avenue,
300 feet north of Brookfield Drive, Suitland. Appl: Briggs 4
LLC, 2721 Briggs Chaney Road, Silver Spring, Md. 20905, or
c/o Capitol Development Design, Beltsville, Md.
Special Exceptions Submitted
SE-4695 – CVS Lanham. Zoned C-M. 2.22 acres. Propose
new CVS pharmacy. Located in the southeast corner of MLK
Jr. Highway and Ardwick-Ardmore Road, Lanham. Tax map
52C-3. Appl: Maryland CVS, c/o Velmeir Companies, 5265
Shawnee Road, #108, Alexandria, Va. 703) 256-5890.
Preliminary Plans Approved
March 24 and 31, 2011
4-09024 – Haywood’s Addition to West Lanham. Zoned
R-55. .30 acre. 2 single-family lots. Located at the end of
Ingraham Street, east of East West Highway, West Lanham.
Appl: Jack Hillegas, PO Box 86, Glenn Dale, Md. 20769.
4-10009 – Windbrook. Zoned R-R. .43 acre. 1 singlefamily lot. Located on the north side of Windbrook Drive,
approx. 125 feet east of Deka Drive, Clinton. Appl: Majestic
Homes, c/o Russell Litten, PO Box 86, Broomes Island, Md.
20615. (301) 261-4104.
4-10014 – Filipino Capitol Church. Zoned R-80. 4.95
Record Plats Approved
March 24 and 31, 2011
5-11011 (012) – The Brick Yard. Zoned I-2. 9.2 acres. 83
lots and 3 parcels. Located in the northwest quadrant of
Muirkirk Road and Cedarhurst Drive, Beltsville. Appl: The
Ryland Group, 4100 Monument Corner Drive, Fairfax, Va.
(703) 502-5200.
Prince George’s Newsletter
Real Estate Transactions of Note
Doane & Kempner LLC to Daata Partners LLC, 1912
Woodford Road, Vienna, Va. 22182. Lot 2 in “Virginia
Manor Park.” Located at 7125 Virginia Manor Court,
Beltsville, Md. Improved with 20,000 sf warehouse. 2.1 acres.
Zoned I-1. Tax map 9E-2. Liber 32292, page 22. Deed date:
December 27, 2011. Purchase price: $1,700,000.
Strickland Properties LLC to Goldstar Berwyn Investor
LP, c/o Goldstar Group, 4630 Montgomery Avenue, #500,
Bethesda, Md. Parcel C in “Kidwell’s Addition to College
Park.” Located at 5105 – 5127 Berwyn, Road, College Park,
Md. 20740. 5.4 acres. 8 buildings totaling 81,000 square feet.
Zoned I-1. Tax map 33E-1. Liber 32508, page 307. Deed date:
March 4, 2011. Purchase price: $3,975,000. Deed of Trust:
$2.4 million, Bank of Georgetown.
Hartman Properties LLC to All Saints Church. Lots 10
and 11 (Block B) in “Kenilworth Interchange Industrial Park.”
Located at 4825 and 4849 Lydell Road, Hyattsville, Md.
20781. Lots total 1.94 acres. Improved with 20,000 sf
building. Zoned I-1. Tax map 58E-2. Tax ID: 02-115543 and
35. Liber 32518, page 570. Deed date: March 17, 2011.
Purchase price: $2,500,000. Deed of Trust: $2 million,
WashingtonFirst Bank.
7331 Hanover Parkway LLC, c/o Benjamin M. Soto, to
Angarai Management Services LLC, Venkat Subramanian,
1100 Mercantile Lane, #115A, Upper Marlboro, Md. 20774.
Units 1912 and 1922 in “Hanover Office Park
Condominium.” Located at 7331 Hanover Parkway, Suites C
and D, Greenbelt, Md. 20770. Units are 848 sf each. Zoned
C-O. Tax map 34F-2. Tax ID: 21-2408706 and 672. Liber
32520, page 623. Deed date: March 14, 2011. Purchase
price: $278,000. Deed of Trust: $139,000, SunTrust Bank.
Ilene A. Bailey, Substitute Trustee, to Redus Maryland
LLC, c/o Wells Fargo Bank, 3563 Philips Highway, #601E,
Jacksonville, Fl. 322207. Lots 31, 32 and 35 in “Inglewood
Business Community.” Located at 9401, 9441 and 9450
Peppercorn Place, Largo, Md. Lots are 5.1, 3.0 and 5.0 acres.
Unimproved. Zoned I-3. Tax map 60E-4. Tax ID: 131425891, 909, and 933. Liber 32490, page 278. Deed date:
March 7, 2011. Purchase price: $2,473,203.
AEI Accredited Investor Fund 2002 LP to Frederick
Road Realty II, LLC, c/o Jeffrey C. Miller, 606 Frederick
Road, #200, Catonsville, Md. 21228. Lot 3 (Block B) in “Mill
Branch Subdivision.” Located at 16461 Excalibur Road,
Bowie, Md. 1.57 acre. Improved with 4,493 sf building.
Zoned C-S-C. Tax map 55D-4. Liber 32510, page 249. Deed
date: January 7, 2011. Purchase price: $775,000. Deed of
Trust: $500,000, Hopkins FSB.
April 4, 2011
Clinton / Brandywine
Timberlake McKendree LLC, c/o Timberlake Homes,
Annapolis, Md., to Dan Ryan Builders Inc., 60 Thomas
Johnson Drive, Frederick, Md. 21702. Lot 9 in “Timber
Village.” Located at 7004 English Point Lane, Brandywine,
Md. 20613. Lot is 1.19 acres. Unimproved. Zoned R-E. Tax
map 164E-1. Tax ID: 11-3730322. Liber 32499, page 146.
Deed date: February 26, 2011. Purchase price: $110,000.
Woodburn Estates LLC, c/o Montgomery Development,
522 Church Road, Upper Marlboro, Md., to NVR Inc. Lot
26 (B) in “Woodburn Estates.” Located at 4703 Sir Woodburn
Way, Clinton, Md. 20735. Lot is 33,018 sf. Unimproved.
Zoned R-R. Tax map 124E-3. Tax ID: 09-3827839. Liber
32505, page 176. Deed date: February 24, 2011. Purchase
price: $53,000.
Northeast Land and Investment Company, c/o Virginia
Commerce Bank, 5350 Lee Highway, Arlington, Va., to NVR
Inc. Lot 17 (Block A) in “Simmons Ridge.” Located at 6607
Simmons Lane, Clinton, Md. Lot is 20,429 sf. Unimproved.
Tax map 125D-3. Zoned R-R. Tax ID: 09-3796554. Liber
32517, page 410. Deed date: March 1, 2011. Purchase price:
Bowie Route 450 LLC, c/o Greenvest L.C., 8614
Westwood Center Drive, #900, Vienna, Va., to NVR Inc. Lot
23 (Block FF) in “Fairwood.” Located at 13403 St. Simons
Chapel Court, Bowie. Lot is 12,980 sf. Unimproved. Tax map
46C-4. Zoned M-X-C. Tax ID: 07-3837895. Liber 32505,
page 172. Deed date: February 24, 2011. Purchase price:
Bowie Route 450 LLC, c/o Greenvest L.C., 8614
Westwood Center Drive, #900, Vienna, Va., to NVR Inc.
Lot 4 (Block FF) in “Fairwood.” Located at 13408 Boones
Chapel Court, Bowie, Md. Lot is 14,244 sf. Unimproved.
Zoned M-X-C. Tax map 46C-4. Tax ID: 07-3837630. Liber
32517, page 406. Deed date: March 3, 2011. Purchase price:
Upper Marlboro
Club Group Inc., c/o Glenn Turner, 11785 Beltsville
Drive, Beltsville, Md. 20705, and Montgomery Development,
to NVR Inc. Lot 15 (Block A) in “Oak Creek Club, Deer
Ridge.” Located at 410 Bottsford Avenue, Upper Marlboro,
Md. Lot is 9,670 sf . Unimproved. Tax map 76F-1. Zoned MX-C. Tax ID: 07-3735628. Liber 32517, page 398. Deed date:
February 24, 2011. Purchase price: $61,418.
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