Year 2011 - IUB School of Business

Published Journal Paper
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on cell phone subscribers of Dhaka city, Bangladesh- Are they happy and loyal?
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Book Review
1. Samir Mainuddin (2011). The Nobel Memorial Laureates in Economics: An Introduction
to Their Careers and Main Published Works, by H. R. Vane & C. Mulhearn. Independent
Business Review, 4(1), 125-130.
1. Abdullah Al Aabed & Amlan Jahid Haque (2011). Managing Director’s salary and
relative firm performance: a Bangladeshi perspective. Conference on “Islamic Banking,
Finance and Investment” organized by World Business Institute, Australia held in Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia, December 19-20, 2011.
2. Aminur Rahman (2011). Economic costs of shrimp culture in coastal Bangladesh.
Proceedings. APNEC-10 Conference. Taipei. Taiwan. November 2011.
3. Aminur Rahman (2011). Climate Change, Global Commons and Corruption in the
context of Sundarban Mangrove Forest in Bangladesh Proceedings. 13th Biennial
Conference of the International Association of the Study of Commons (IASC).
Hyderabad, India and Indiana University Digital library. January 2011.
4. Mohammad A. Arafat (2011). Presented a paper on “Ganga-Brahmaputra-Meghna
Regional Connectivity for Mutual Benefit of the Regional Countries”. Bangladesh Social
and Economic Forum, Dhaka, Bangladesh, April 2011. Dhaka School of Economic &
Bangladesh Economic Association.