2012 AP Psychology Summer Assignment

AP Psychology Summer Assignment 2012
AP Psychology is a college level course taught in high schools around the
United States. As such, this course will be conducted more like a college
course than a high school course.
Unlike some high school AP classes that you enter with background
knowledge, most students who are interested in psychology know
relatively little about the field. This summer assignment is meant to
introduce you to college level work, as well as provide you with the
background material you will need to understand more advanced
psychological concepts.
Please follow the directions for the attached assignments carefully and
pay close attention to due dates. Be aware that you will have a summer
reading test within the first week of the school year.
Miss Zegas’ Words of Wisdom
Psychology is about human thought processes and behaviors.
The best way to truly understand psychology is to think “how does this apply to my life?”
AP Psychology Summer Assignment 2012
Assignment #1 – Due September 5, 2012 (first day of school)
Read King textbook chapters 1 & 2.
 Create flashcards for each section (at least 1 per section)
 Create flashcards for unit vocabulary
 You will need to join the class Moodle page to print vocabulary – there is no password
 You will need index cards, a hole puncher, and 13 binder rings (one for each AP
Psychology unit) – this is your flashcard storage system
Each set of flashcards is worth 2 homework grades.
Assignment #2 – Upload to turnitin.com by 8AM on September 5, 2012
Watch TWO of the following movies.
 As Good As It Gets (1997)
Class ID: 5057303
Password: Zimbardo
Psychopathology, OCD, personality disorders, social bias
Psychopathology, neuropsychology, treatment
Psychopathology, treatment, schizophrenia, family dynamics, stress and coping
Psychopathology, schizophrenia, personality disorders, family dynamics, stress and coping
Psychopathology, mood disorders, family dynamics
Psychopathology, psychotic disorders, substance use disorders, treatment, family dynamics
 Awakenings (1990)
 A Beautiful Mind (2001)
 Benny & Joon (1993)
 Harold and Maude (1971)
 Harvey (1950)
 Lars and the Real Girl (2007)
− Psychopathology, psychotic disorders, treatment, family dynamics, social psychology
 What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? (1993)
− Psychopathology, mood disorders, neuropsychology, human development, family dynamics, stress and
After viewing the movies, write a report connecting the main characters or events in the film, to
curriculum topics of AP Psych.
You will need to research certain issues, concepts, and disorders in order to successfully
complete this assignment.
Your work should be DESCRIPTIVE and at least 3 pages in length.
This is a psychology class, we will be using APA format, please use NoodleTools to generate
your reference list and format in-text citations.
REMEMBER: The assignment is to make connections with course material, not to write a
summary or movie review.
This assignment will be worth a TEST grade. See Moodle for rubric.
It is recommended that you use the structure below to complete “Assignment #2.”
This is a template; after filling in the pieces, it will still be necessary to put your ideas into
essay format. Please see my example below and create your own chart to fill in with
notes as you view each movie.
(Movie Title)
Ben demonstrates an
addiction to alcohol.
(Leaving Las Vegas)
Evidence from Movie
Connection to Curriculum
We first meet Ben as he is
shopping in the liquor store.
He has a full cart of liquor
bottles. He drinks while he
drives. He appears to drink
early in the morning (when
the bartender suggests
that he should be drinking
coffee). His behavior
shows impaired judgment.
He is socially inappropriate
with the woman at the bar,
and the woman at the
bank. He spends time with
the prostitute and has his
wedding ring stolen
because of his alcohol
impairment. He has been
fired from his job due to his
The diagnostic definition of
addiction involves
tolerance and withdrawal.
Tolerance is described as
an ability to handle more
and more of a substance
before being similarly
affected. Ben's ability to
handle alcohol and still
function is an example of
his increased tolerance.
Ben also experiences
violent withdrawal. He
experiences delerium
tremons, which is the
physical response to the
absence of the drug. Ben
also meets other diagnostic
criteria such as social
penalties. He loses his job
and his family (we assume).
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