520 syllabus - OSU Chemistry

Chemistry 520 - Physical Chemistry
Winter Quarter, 1999
MWF 12:30-1:18 PM
2004 Evans Laboratory
Anne B. McCoy
2108 Newman Wolfrom Lab
[email protected]
Anotonis Tsakotellis
0019 Evans Lab
[email protected]
Jeremy Warren
1013 Evans Lab
[email protected]
Chemistry 211, 221 or 251 or equiv; Math 153 and Physics 113 or 133.
R. Chang, Physical Chemistry for the Chemical and Biological Sciences, 3rd edition
(copies of the manuscript are available from CopyEZ or on closed reserve at the Science and
Engineering Library)
Other References:
Books you may find helpful are your text books from General Chemistry, General Physics and Calculus.
The following texts have been put on reserve at the Science and Engineering Library.
P. W. Atkins
Tinoco, et al.
R. Chang
J. H. Noggel
Physical Chemistry
[Slightly higher level text than Chang]
Elements of Physical Chemistry [Slightly lower level text than Chang]
Physical Chemistry
[About the same level text as Chang]
Physical chemistry with
applications to biological systems [Earlier edition of the present text]
Physical chemistry using MathCAD
Homework 15%, mid-quarter exams 25% each, final 35%
Exams: There will be two 90 minute midterm exams, each counting 25% of the final grade and a final exam
counting 35%. The exams are scheduled for:
1st Midterm: Tuesday February 2; 7-8:30 P.M., 1005 Smith Lab.
2nd Midterm: Tuesday February 23, 7-8:30 P.M., 1005 Smith Lab.
Final Exam: Tuesday March 16, 11:30-1:18, 2004 Evans Lab (time set by the University)
Exams will be closed book, but you will be permitted to bring a calculator and a reminder page as
will be described the first day of classes
Office Hours:
The instructor's office hours are in her office, 2108 Newman and Wolfrom Lab (292-9694), 3-4
P.M. Mondays, 2-3 P.M. Wednesdays and other times by appointment
The TA's office hours will be 1:30-2:30 P.M. on Tuesdays in 0019 Evans Lab.
We will be covering the material in the first eleven Chapters of Chang’s PhysicalChemistry for the Chemical and
Biological Sciences, 3rd edition.
Introduction to Physical Chemistry
Chapter 1
January 4
The gas laws
! review of gas laws
! real gases
Chapter 2
January 6-8
Kinetic theory of gases
Chapter 3
January 11-15
The First Law of Thermodynamics - Energy is Conserved:
! Mechanisms for energy conversion - work and heat
! Variables of state; Equations of state and Enthalpy and energy changes
! Heat capacities
! Chemical reactions and Thermochemistry
Chapter 4
January 20-29
The Second and Third Laws
! The second law; The Carnot cycle and Entropy
! Molecular interpretation of entropy
! The third law
Chapter 5
February 1-10
Gibs and Helmholtz energies
! Gibbs free energy
! Temperature and pressure dependence of G
! Clausius-Clapeyron Equation and phase diagrams
Chapter 6
February 12-17
Non-electrolyte solutions
! Concentration units
! Binary mixtures
! Real solutions
! Phase equilibria of two component systems and distillation
! Colligative Properties
Chapter 7
February 19-26
Electrolyte solutions
! Thermodynamics of ions in solution
! Ionic activity and Debye-Hukel theory
! Colligative properties of electrolyte solutions
Chapter 8
March 1-5
Chemical equilibrium
! Gaseous systems
! Reactions in solution
! Influence of temperature, pressure and catalysts on equilibrium
Chapter 9
March 8-12
Electrochemistry and Acids and Bases
as time permits
Weekly homework problems will count 15% of your final grade. It is in your interest to make sure
your work is legible and your reasoning clear. Students are encouraged to work together on the
homework problems, but each student should hand in his or her own solution. The submitted work
should reflect the student's level of understanding. Homework assignments are due by 5:00 P.M. on
due date and can be turned in either in class or at Dr. McCoy’s office. Solutions for the homework
will be posted in the display case on the east wall of the second floor of Celeste, copies will be
available on the first floor of the Science and Engineering Library and on the World Wide Web.
Recitation Sessions:
The TA will hold two recitation sections each week beginning the second week of classes (Monday
January 10). They will be held Mondays at 1:30 P.M. and Tuesdays at 12:30 P.M. in 2003 Evans
Lab. You are welcome to attend either or both recitations sections.
Web page:
A Homepage for this course has been established at “http://www.chemistry.ohio-state.edu” under
the subcategory “courses,” “Winter quarter 1999,” and go to the link marked McCoy on the line
for Chem 520. The homepage may also be directly accessed at “http://www.chemistry.ohiostate.edu/~mccoy/520-1999/520-home.html.” The home page includes copies of handouts, problem
set solutions, as well as general course information.
Textbook corrections:
Because the text is in the process of being put into final form by the publisher, we have been asked
to provide the publisher with any errors we find. Typographical errors, e.g. spelling mistakes,
incorrect word choice, etc. will be worth 1 homework point, and scientific errors that have been
confirmed by the author will be given 5 homework points. These will count as extra credit, added
to that week’s homework assignment. Extra credit points will be awarded only to the first person
to find a specific error, and to help keep track of the corrections, I will keep an up-to-date list of
errors found to date on the web page. In order to confirm an error with the author, you can email
Prof. Chang at [email protected] Please also cc: Prof. McCoy on the email so the
correction can be added to the web page.