Mind in Matter: Behavioural Science across NRC

Mind in Matter: Behavioural Science across NRC.
A series of four seminars over the month of February 2005.
The National Research Council will be presenting a series of four seminars on human-centered technologies and
behavioural science. Each seminar will highlight a different research area of NRC involving the study of human
People in Buildings;
Aviation Human Factors;
Information Technology;
Neuroscience and Health.
In addition, ** Bryan Kolb and John Arnett ** will speak at the final session.
The seminars are addressed to researchers, students and the public at large.
Attendance is free.
All sessions will be webcast
For more information visit:
or contact Guylene.Proulx@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca, 613 993-9634
Tuesday February 1, 2005 10-12h
"From Dilbert to the World Trade Centre: Improving Safety, Comfort and Health in Buildings" by Kate Charles,
Guylène Proulx and Jennifer Veitch NRC CISTI Building M-55, room 253
Tuesday February 8, 2005 10-12h
"Engineering and Psychology: Complementary Disciplines for Testing Night Vision Goggles" by Sion Jennings,
Greg Craig and Todd Macuda NRC Uplands U-61, room 239 Seating is limited. To reserve contact
Tuesday February 15, 2005 10-12h
³Human-Computer Interaction Research at the Institute for Information Technology² by Janice Singer, JeanFrançois Lapointe, and Hélène Fournier NRC CISTI Building M-55, room 253
Tuesday February 22, 2005 9-12h
"Brain Plasticity and Behaviour" by Bryan Kolb, University of Lethbridge, Alberta.
"From genes to cognition: Seeing the whole picture in brain repair" by Jagdeep K. Sandhu and Ryan C.N.
D¹Arcy What behavioural sciences can contribute to Health" John Arnett, President Canadian Psychological
Association NRC Building M-50 Auditorium
"Mind in Matter" is held in conjunction with Psychology Month, an initiative of the Council of Provincial
Associations of Psychology (http://www.cpa.ca/psychologymonth/).