Philosophy for Children in a First School Setting PowerPoint


Abbeywood First School

To understand how P4C can support learning across the curriculum

To understand the process of P4C sequences of learning

To reflect upon how P4C could support learning in your own setting

The central principle, as expressed by

Matthew Lipman, its founder, is that teachers establish: ‘an intellectually provocative environment in which children can discuss in a free and open fashion themes that interest them.’ This environment—the community of enquiry—is a safe forum for intellectual risk taking but is also ‘impelled by the spirit of enquiry …’

(Matthew Lipman Philosophy goes to

School,1988, p128).

A collaborative and reflective approach to discussion built up over time with the same group of learners.

It aims to achieve:

Community: cooperation, care, respect and safety

Enquiry: a search for understanding, meaning, truth and values supported by reasons

Initially began as meaningful way of developing speaking and listening skills

Vehicle for supporting other curriculum areas



Inference an deduction in reading

Specific school issues such as racism

Reasoning and dialogue in maths


Explicit teaching of language is essential.

Talk objective

Games and warm ups

Stimulus (play, picture, story, film, poem)

Brainstorm concepts

Generate questions

Vote for questions



Opportunities for writing, drama

 brainstorming themes and concepts

 generating questions

 voting for questions

Building the skills wall.

Visit a mixed year 1 and 2 class and a year 3 class to see them holding their debates.

Discuss what you have seen.

Any questions?

Wonder of the week

Would you rather…

Find a magic sweety bag that is always full

Find a magic book that talks to you

Find a magic carpet that can take you anywhere

Always, sometimes, never


Yes/No/Don’t know

Which of the following are examples of fairness:

• Teachers give an equal amount of help to every pupil

• The teacher gives everyone in the class five hours homework every day

• A white person is paid more than a black person

• A black pupil gets better marks at school than a white pupil

• Male athletes get paid more than female athletes