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your bucket list
Your bucket list
We all have a secret list of things we
want to do in our lifetime.
Don’t wait to make a list and start ticking off the items
today. Starting now will allow you to accomplish more
than you ever thought possible, rather than rushing
around at a later point in life when you may have
limited time.
Set your priorities. Good luck. Have fun!
for someone who has died checklist
1. What is a bucket list?
It is a list of things you want to do, see or experience before you die.
You can find lots of ideas and inspiration for your bucket list by visiting
Important considerations:
• Honestly estimate how long you may have to live. Is it many years, a few months or weeks?
• How strong are you? How good is your health?
• What are your financial resources? If you have been diagnosed with a life limiting illness and
have life insurance, you might be able to receive some of the money before your death.
Check with your insurance company.
2. Areas to consider
Places to see?
Things to do?
Family and friends to see/spend time with?
Projects to start or finish? Programmes/Causes to support?
Personal history to write?
Book(s) / articles that can be written summarising life experiences or knowledge gained?
A list of regrets that can be resolved?
Personal search for spiritual meaning?
Political cause(s) to support or champion?
Sports, hobbies, activities to try?
What are the things you have always wanted to do or say but have allowed fear to
hold you back? There is nothing to be afraid of. Do these things now!
3. My bucket list
Use additional paper to continue your list. If you have additions or suggestions for this checklist,
please contact us via the website or email us at
for someone who has died checklist