Welcome to this semester's class on International Marketing

Welcome to this semester’s class on International Marketing.
International marketing focuses on factors in the environment that shape how companies bring
their products and services (their offerings) to a range of markets. The international in
international marketing emphasizes the decision of a firm to sell its offering outside its home
market. When a firm goes enters an international market it needs to consider a range of economic,
political, social and cultural factors. Our class will examine some of these factors and discuss
some strategies that firms use to become successful in their international expansion.
During the course you will:
Learn about the basic concepts of International Marketing
Have opportunities to increase your international outlook
Have time to learn and improve your presentation skills in English
Have opportunities to prepare business reports
Course materials
The main course book is: Global Marketing Management by Warren J. Keegan,
Pearson, 2014 (8th Ed.). ISBN: 10: 0-273-76868-9. Agent Eric Chang 0919 388 237
I recommend you get your own copy of this. I will refer to it in class.
To register for a grade please go to our Google Doc’s page: https://goo.gl/5LLca0
The syllabus, course briefs and feedback are on my website: www.j--s.net
The online (MOOC) class is at:
Please read the instructions for the project and in this syllabus to avoid problems
and mistakes.
Course teaching approach
The class will be taught through lectures, in class exercises, presentations and discussion. The
emphasis is on understanding the main concepts that underlie international marketing that can
help you in your work-life.
This class will be delivered through e-learning. This means you are responsible for signing up to
International Business I (see link above). There will be quizzes based on this website.
Group - Project Part I
Group - Mid Term project Part II
Group - Project Part III
Group - Final Project Part IV
Group – topical issue
Report & presentation
Report & presentation
Mini-presentations on case questions
Each group presents a topical issue
Submitted in the last week
Weekly during teaching weeks
Individual - Report
Individual - Quizzes
Please note: We have quite a large class so the following procedures are important. Please take
care to submit assignments on time, practice presentations to keep to time and avoid missing
class participation. By being professional in your approach you help yourself, others and me to
enjoy our class experience.
(1) Quizzes
The quizzes will be done online. You need to be able to get online in class. You need to
bring a notebook computer, a pad or some other device that can go online.
(2) Project due dates
Part 1 due on 16th March (in class report - upload PPT the night before).
Mid-term (Part II) is due on the 13th April (upload PPT & report the night before).
Part III is due on 18th May (in class report - upload PPT the night before).
Final (Part IV) is due on the 15th June (upload PPT & report the night before).
Individual report MUST be uploaded by class on the 15th June.
(3) Other rules for assessment
More than three unexcused absences from class will result in a zero grade for
Late submission of assignments will lead in a grade reduction. A minimum of five points
will be deducted.
Presentations should not overrun time. Practice! Overruns on time will be penalized.
Technology (e.g., phones, pads and notebook computers) is useful. Please only use it for
class work (e.g., checking dictionaries, looking up information, checking company
names). There will be penalties for unconstructive use of technology (e.g., Facebook!).
I am looking forward to an interesting semester with all of you!
Professor James Stanworth
February 2016
Subject issues
Online class
Week 1
Introduction to the class
Week 2
C1 - introduction to global marketing
Week 3
C2 - global economic environment (&
Week 4
Week 5
Project - Part I
Week 6
C6 - global marketing and information
systems research
Module 2 - online class
Quiz 4
Week 7
C7 - segmenting targeting and positioning
Module 3 - online class
Quiz 5
Week 8
Reading week
Week 9
Mid-term - Project Part II
Week 10
C8 global entry and market expansion
Module 4 - online class
Quiz 6
Week 11
C10 - product decisions
Module 5 - online class
Quiz 7
Week 12
C11 - pricing decisions
Week 13
C12 - global marketing channels
Sign up and explore the online
class (see link above).
Get the class book
Get the reading for week 2
Visit the class website
Complete the mini-introduction
Confirm groups
Quiz 1
Module 1 - online class
Quiz 2
Quiz 3
See website for project brief.
Module 6 - online class
Subject issues
Week 14
Project Part III
Week 15
C13 - global integrated marketing
Week 16
Week 17
Reading week
Week 18
Final Project Part IV
Online class
See website for:
(1) final project brief.
(2) individual report.