Density Test Study Guide Vocabulary to know and understand

Density Test Study Guide
Vocabulary to know and understand:
general property
specific property
Do you know that:
density has two labels g/mL and g/cm3?
general properties include weight, mass, volume and density?
specific properties include color, size, shape, texture, and hardness?
objects that sink in water have a density greater than that of water?
objects that float in water have a density less than that of water?
the mass of an object will never change unless matter is taken away from or added
to that matter?
Density’s formula is D = M/V?
To find volume, V = M/D?
To find mass, M = VxD?
inertia is an object’s resistance to change its motion?
the more mass an object has the more inertia it has?
you weigh less on the moon because the moon has less mass and therefore less
gravitational pull on you?
you can change an objects density if you change its volume? (think of a wadded
piece of tin foil verses a flat piece of the same size)
Can you:
explain why a small piece of steel sinks and a large steel ship floats?
solve simple density problems?
categorize given densities into those that will and will not float in water?
Fill in a chart like to following?
Mass of cylinder
32.7 g
Mass of cylinder and liquid
66.1 g
Mass of liquid
Volume of liquid
41.5 mL
Density of liquid
find the density of a liquid (not water) in a lab setting?
find the density of a rectangle in a lab setting?