Veritasium Videos seen in class What is Gravity? https://www

Veritasium Videos seen in class
What is Gravity?
This video relates the three main ideas about gravity. They are all right. This video starts
out with the most elementary ideas (ideas one and two) and then ends with Newton’s
Law of Universal Gravitation – which states that all objects are attracted to all other
Misconceptions about Falling objects.
This video addresses why objects of similar size, but not mass, will hit the ground at the
same time. Remember, that although they do hit the ground at the same time, the heavier object
(the one with more mass) has a greater force than the lighter object. They hit the ground at the
same time because of inertia. The heavier object has more inertia (resistance to change in
motion) and so it take more force to accelerate that object at the same rate as the lighter object.
This results in both objects hitting the ground at the same time.
Why does the Moon orbit the Earth?
This video address the reason behind the Moon’s orbit around the Earth. Remember
there are two forces keeping the Moon in orbit – gravity and inertia. Gravity is pulling the Moon
towards the Earth, while inertia keeps the Moon wanting to go in a straight line. You can
demonstrate this by attaching an object to a string and swinging it around you. The object will
set in motion around you as long as you swing the string (gravity) but when you let go of the
string, the object will continue moving in a straight line away from you (inertia).