Word Study Choice Menu

Word Study Choice Menu
Each week, you will be asked to log onto Spellingcity.com to practice your spelling words. You can find our class page at:
. Spelling tests will be given on Fridays and new lists will be distributed every Monday.
You are required to complete at least 2 activities per week for homework on the night of your choice. Please record the way you
practice your spelling words on the record sheet in your word study take home folder. Below are some more fun options for you to
study your spelling word! We encourage you to try a new method each week! The asterisk indicates a technology activity.
Type your spelling words to
create a beautiful word cloud!
Go to www.wordle.net OR
Fancy Words
Be creative and draw/write
your words to make them
Word Search *
Make and complete a word
search puzzle at:
Word Scramble *
Make and solve your own
word scramble. Go to:
Antonym/ Synonyms
Write your spelling word with
a corresponding synonym and
Crossword Puzzle *
Make and complete a
crossword puzzle at:
Free Choice
Be creative and come up with
a new way to practice your
Alphabet Soup
Write your words in
alphabetical order.
Hidden Words
Draw a picture and hide your
words within the picture.
Define It!
Use a dictionary to help you
write the definition of each
spelling word
Code Words
Write your words using this
code: vowels= red consonants=
Type Your Words
Type your
spelling words on
the computer3 times.
Spicy Sentences
Write sentences using your
spelling words.
Practice Test
Have an adult give you a
practice test
Spelling Story
Write a story using your
spelling words
Syllable Salad
Divide each word into syllables
and then put the total number
of syllables at the end of the