Name______________ The Scarlet Letter Test ____1. This story

The Scarlet Letter Test
____1. This story opens with a description of a (a) prison (b) church (c) grave yard (d) school
____2. When Hester Prynne -first entered the story she carried (a) a prayer book (b) a bright parasol (c)
an infant (d) a cross
____3. The group that awaited Hester's appearance was composed of (a) grim, critical townsmen (b) angry
sailors (c) happy children (d) sad women
____4. As Hester stood on the scaffold of the pillory, her thoughts were of
(a) the grim crowd observing (b) her past life (c) the future of her child (d) her previous
____5. The Reverend Mr. Dimmesdale was a) angry (b) disappointed (c) troubled (d) relieved, when Hester
refused to name the child's father.
____6. After the shame of standing on the scaffold, Hester was (a) sent to her home (b) sent out of the colony
(c) returned to prison (d) allowed to re-marry
____7. Hester's husband visited her in jail (a) to rebuke her (b) to question her (c) to give her medicine
(d) to divorce her
____8. The scarlet letter was designed as (a) a sign of deep sorrow (b) a token of purity (c) a means of punishment (d) a reward
____9. Hester's husband learned of her sin (a) from a communicative townsman (b) through her own confession (c) by a letter from a friend in America (d) from a child
____10. Roger Chillngworth sought to avenge Hester's husband by (a) exposing the minister's secret (b) secretly
tormenting the minister (c) causing Pearl to be taken from Hester (d) killing him
____ll. Hester was supported by (a) her husband (b) her needle work (c) public charity (d) the church
____12. The villagers thought that Pearl's character and actions were influenced by (a) reading fairy tales
(b) fear of the Indians (c) the Evil One (d) a witch
____13. On the night that the minister visited the scaffold on which Hester Prynne had been exhibited, he went
(a) to show his townsmen his humility of spirit (b) to gain spiritual relief from mental torture (c) to
search for a lost glove (d) to read from the bible
____14. During the minister's vigil at the scaffold, he saw (a) a meteoric light (b) a burning building (c) a
dying man
____15. On the Sunday following his vigil at the scaffold, the minister (a) was unable to preach to his congregtion
(b) appeared unusually well (c) preached very poorly (d) saw an angel
____16. Hester told the minister Roger Chillingworth's true identity because (a) she wished to add to the
minister's suffering (b) she repented her promise to Roger Chillingworth (c) the minister asked
her (d) she was forced to
____17. Hester's experience had freed her from (a) conventionalities (b) all regard for others (c) all
desire to leave the village (d) the devil
____18. After Hester removed the scarlet letter in the forest while talking with the minister, she resumed it
because (a) she feared the village authorities (b) the minister rebuked her for having removed it (c)
little Pearl misbehaved because she missed the letter (d) she was proud of it
____19. The minister told the Mistress Hibbins that he went into the forest (a) to rejoice with the Apostle Eliot
over the souls he had saved (b) to gain favor with the Evil One (c) to confer with Hester (d) to talk
to the Evil One.
____20. The rude sailors in this story are (a) feared (b) re-buked for their ways (c) accepted as a licensed class
(d) revered
____21. Roger Chillingworth planned to (a) leave America with Hester and the minister (b) prevent their going (c)
report their intentions to the village authorities (d) none of the above
____22. The minister's voice was impressive because of its undertone that expressed (a) anguish (b) hope (c)
courage (d) impatience
____23. In the.procession away from the church the minister was (a) happy (b) weak (c) talkative (d) excited
____24. The minister paused at the scaffold to (a) rest from exertion (b) speak with the ship master (c) confess
his sin (d) talk about the weather
____25. Roger Chillingworth's chief motive throughout this story was to (a) be helpful (b) torment the minister
(c) discover new medicines (d) make friends
____26. After the minister's death, Roger Chillingworth (a) died (b) lived with Hester and Pearl (c) disappeared
in the forest (d) lived happily ever after
____27. According to rumor Pearl (a) died young (b) married (c) practiced witchcraft (d) ran away
True or False
_____________28. While Hester was standing on the scaffold, she saw her husband in the crowd.
_____________29. Her husband had been for two years in a European prison.
_____________30. The Reverend Mr. Dimmesdie publicly asked Hester to disclose the name o-f her child's father
._____________31. Hester's husband swore to take the life of him who had wronged her if he discovered who he
_____________.32. Hester promised to conceal the identity of Roger Chillingworth.
_____________.33. Governor BeHingham lived a simple cottage like all the other residents of the community.
_____________ 34. Hester went to Governor BeHingham's Hall to deliver a silken scarf which she had found.
____________ 35. Hester asked the Governor to place Pearl in a children's home rather than with
another Puritan -family.
____________36. The minister eagerly sought Roger Chillingworth's medical advice.
____________37. When Roger and the minister discussed sin and confession of sin, Roger said that
one was justified in concealing sin for spiritual comfort.
____________38. Hester's sin and penance had caused her to have a better understanding of others.
_____________39. Roger told Hester that he had entreated a magistrate that her scarlet letter might be removed.
_____________40. Hester hoped that the authorities would decide to let her remove the letter.
_____________41. Roger confessed to Hester that he had become a fiend.
Short Answers:
____________________________42. The time of the novel?
____________________________43. The symbol of the Puritan justice?
____________________________44. What did Pearl’s name symbolize?
____________________________45. Who was the historical person that was mentioned which allows us to
set the time of the novel?
____________________________46. The rose that grew near the jail symbolized what?
____________________________ 47. Hester managed to endure her stay on the scaffold by doing what?
_____________________________48. What did the term Leech symbolize?