The Seven Chairs

The Seven Chairs
The fifth one ended up in France
Bella Hibl
There were only seven nuns in this big church, and two priests. Only on occasion did someone show up. It was
far out in the country where no one lived, because of the incident. Someone said in the early 1900s there was
a big fire. Everything was destroyed except for the seven chairs. People say that they are cursed. I agree.
The name’s Dereck Smithwell. I was born three miles away from that church, in 1936. It was a small town and
a small church. Two years later there was the fire incident. No one knows how it started, but I do.
Seventy five years later they rebuilt that church. Now it’s big. They thought that lots of people would come
and help rebuild the city. But they were wrong. Only on occasion did someone show up.
One day several people came to that church. First time in years. They were wealthy and the son was the world
news reporter. They did not come to see the church. They came to see what happened after the fire, but there
was nothing to see. So they went to the nun and asked what happened. The nun responded, ”We don’t know,
there was no one here when we came. We just heard that it was a great place for a church. But no one came
and now we are old.”
The priest asked if they wanted to stay for the mass, but they just wanted a story. They stayed for mass but
when it ended they sat in the seven chairs. The one nun who they came to, felt sick. She went to go to the
bathroom, but she couldn’t get up from the chair. She tried and tried but she couldn’t! Then she started to
float in the air! Everyone was screaming. The reporter’s family were on their phones and calling every one
they knew. When they got off their phones she was gone. They searched the big church, but she was not
The reporter said with enthusiasm, “This is going to be great news story!” While the nuns and priests were
praying, the reporters left. The next day reporters around the world showed up to see the chairs. But no one
dared to sit in them. There was already news around the world, but no one believed it. Until in Germany the
nun reappeared. She was traumatized and did not know what to do.
While at the church, the chairs started to move on their own. Something or someone was moving them.
Everybody was very excited and at the same time scared. No one was there when the second one
disappeared. Everybody looked for it but again no one could find it.
The chairs vanished one by one. The fifth one ended up in France. Everybody was looking for a way to make it
stop. But no one could.
No one was hurt but most were traumatized. Dereck Smithwell died 4 months before the fire. He is the one
who started it and he is the one who haunted the chairs. He never stopped haunting the chairs, but now they
are being investigated in a place where they cannot leave.