Unit 2 Review Philosophical Chairs

Unit 2 Review
Philosophical Chairs
Chapter 5 Civil Liberties
Chapter 6 Civil Rights
Philosophical Chairs Rules
• There will be no more than 9 participants per
topic: 4 pro/4 con/1 position-taker
• After position-taker makes open statement,
other participants get to respond. To respond,
participants must first affirm the statements
made by the previous speaker.
• Each topic gets no more than 5 minutes in the
Topic #1
The 1st Amendment Religion Clauses review:
• Review the difference between the
establishment & free exercise clauses.
• Review Engel, Everson, Bunn, Marsh, Reynolds
and other cases.
No government body at ANY level should be
allowed to open with a prayer. CHAIRS
Topic #2
Search and Seizure review
 Exclusionary Rule redefined and explained.
 Weeks and Mapp cases significance?
 School searches and TLO case.
The exclusionary rule as applied allows
criminals to get off on technicalities. CHAIRS
Topic #3
Due Process in 5th and 14th Amendments.
 Distinguish the difference between substantive and
procedural due process.
 Outline the incorporation aspects of the due process
 Review the Escobedo, Miranda, and Gideon cases.
 Discuss death penalty cases.
The death penalty is cruel and unusual
punishment. CHAIRS
Topic #4
Define the “Reasonableness” Standard and
Substantial Relationship Standard with examples.
 Discuss Reed & Rostker cases as examples.
 Review ERA attempts, legislation and exceptions.
Women should be required to register for the
selective service draft. CHAIRS
Topic #5
Discuss abortion and privacy.
 Discuss Roe v. Wade & related cases.
 Use amendments to emphasize the
rationale of the decision.
Abortion should remain legal. CHAIRS
Topic #6
Define Affirmative Action.
 Cases to support: Bakke, Bolliger, Gratz &
Fisher decisions
 Define and examine Constitutional rationale
of programs.
Affirmative Action is a form of reverse
discrimination. CHAIRS
Topic #7
Gays and the Constitution
– Right to privacy issues in Griswold & Lawrence
– Gay marriage issues in Hollingsworth & Windsor
State bans on gay marriages should be declared
unconstitutional. CHAIRS