NAME: DATE: HOUR: Chapter 13.3 – Protestant Reformation GRQ

Chapter 13.3 – Protestant Reformation GRQ
Use complete sentences to answer the following questions.
1. Define indulgences.
2. How did the Church change the way it granted indulgences from the Middle Ages to the late 1400’s?
3. Who started the Protestant Reformation and what did he write?
4. What are three arguments that Luther used against indulgences in his 95 Theses?
5. What did Pope Leo X do to Luther?
6. What did Holy Roman Emperor Charles V do when Luther refused to give up the ideas of the 95 Theses?
7. What two things did Luther want to do so that ordinary people could read and study the Bible?
8. What new invention allowed Luther’s ideas to spread throughout Germany and Scandinavia?
9. Did Luther support the Peasants’ Revolt of 1524? Why or why not?
10. What did the Peace of Augsburg do?
11. Define predestination.
12. Calvinists believe that people are divided into what two groups?
13. Describe what life was like for Calvin’s followers in Geneva.
14. Where did Calvinism take root by the late 1500’s?
15. Where did Calvinists from England go to avoid persecution?