In your groups, make up your own experiment

In your groups, make up your own experiment scenario to test __________. Be sure to include the following:
­the problem (why is this happening, how can I make this happen)
­your hypothesis (If… then…)
­how you will conduct your experiment?
­your "pretend" results (data)
­your conclusion (accept or reject hypothesis)
­where will you report your results?
Feb 5­1:19 PM
Abiogenesis is a theory that says:
“living things can arise from non­living things”
First proposed by Aristotle ­ maggots appearing on decaying meat/recipe for mice/worms found after rain
Redi, Leeuwenhoek, Needham, Spallanzani, Pasteur, Hooke
Feb 7­8:30 AM
Fracesco Redi
Francesco Redi conducted an experiment to prove that maggots could not mysteriously appear on decaying meat.
Read about Redi’s first experiment on page 8 of the textbook. In your notes, describe what Redi did in each of the 6 steps of the Research Method.
• Observation (Ask a question) –
• Hypothesis –
• Controlled Experiment – • Data Collection (Qualitative/Quantitative)­
• Conclusion
• Report Results
1. Flies landed on the meat before maggots appeared. (Why do maggots appear?)
2. If flies land on decaying meat, then maggots will appear.
3. Set up 2 jars, one covered and one open.
4. Open jar had maggots and the closed one didn’t.
5. Flies lay eggs that develop into maggots.
6. Reported his results in a book.
Feb 5­1:32 PM
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
Anton van Leeuwenhoek invented the first microscope. His discovery fueled the debate about where life comes from. Feb 5­1:50 PM
John Needham
Read about John Needham’s experiment described on p.11.
In your notes, describe his experiment.
• What was his conclusion ?
• What mistake(s) did he make ?
Feb 7­10:28 AM
Lazzaro Spallanzani
Lazzaro Spallanzani recreated Needham’s experiment, but made 2 changes in an attempt to disprove his conclusion. Check out his experiment on p. 11.
• What did he do ?
• Why were his findings not accepted ?
• What would a scientist have to do to satisfy the critics ?
Feb 7­10:31 AM