Name: Chapters 14/16 Quiz Thursday Night Oral Communication

Chapters 14/16 Quiz
Thursday Night
Oral Communication
Read the following questions and, using the information from the chapters, provide a thoughtful
answer that demonstrates understanding of that information. Each answer should be long enough to
sufficiently express understanding and should be in complete sentences. Don’t forget to cite each
answer with the page number from the text where you found the answer.
1. Are all presentation aids visual aids? What other senses might a good presentation aid
engage? Explain (giving some examples a speaker might use).
2. Are there any subjects on which you could give an informative speech without doing any
research at all? How would you establish your credibility absent outside evidence?
3. Is it possible to define and describe a controversial idea, such as assisted suicide for
terminally ill patients, without becoming emotional? Can an informative speech be
emotional without becoming persuasive? Explain.