Welcome to the Monthly Modifier.

Welcome to the Monthly Modifier.
This idea comes to you from the Community Education and Recreation Office in collaboration with Dr. Dan
Francis of Francis Chiropractic.
As part of a healthy lifestyle it is suggested we do certain things to keep our bodies working properly. This
section is meant to give you small changes to your daily routine, with the idea that that you continue each
idea into the next month. By the end of the year you will have made 12 small changes to your lifestyle. These
are not going to make dramatic differences but combined will have helped you shape your lifestyle into one
that is more beneficial. If you have any questions or comments please contact the Community Education and
Recreation office at 892-5068.
Monthly Modifiers
Work on each monthly modifier and try to make it a habit. See what happens as these good health habits start
to accumulate in your favor!
February- Start your morning with a cup of hot lemon water and touch of honey.
Cut a ¼ slice of
lemon and squeeze the juice into a cup then place the lemon rind in the cup, fill with 8oz of hot water and a
touch of honey.
Why- Lemon is a great detoxifier of the liver. Who doesn’t need to detox after the holidays? It also
stimulates peristalsis (the motion of the intestines) thus increasing your metabolism. Finally it is a great
acidifier of your gut, which is what the intestinal flora needs to be healthy. You can make this even better by
tossing a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into the glass. It would taste like weak apple cider.
Go ahead and use this as your warm comfort drink thru the winter. Lots of health benefits.
Watch for Monthly Modifiers at the beginning of every month. Have a great 2016.