PSYCHOLOGY 2301 Assignments for Unit 3 1. PERSONALITY (3

Assignments for Unit 3
1. PERSONALITY (3 points)
Find a popular media personality test in a magazine (e.g., Cosmopolitan, GQ) or on a web
site. This test could be a “serious” test or a “funny” test. Take the test and address the
following issues:
What is the nature of the psychological issue?
How does it relate to something covered in the course?
Is it a credible test? Does it measure what it claims to?
What the test’s faults? Its strengths?
2. AGAINST THE RULES (3 points)
In our complex society, there are many social norms (e.g., don’t chew with your mouth
open, hold the door for others, face the front of the elevator). Some norms are explicit,
while others are not. Your assignment is to break a social norm. Important: YOU CANNOT
CAUSE INJURY TO ANYONE OR BREAK THE LAW!! However, find a norm and break it.
Report back to the discussion board
about your experience:
What norm did you pick?
Why did you pick it?
Where does this norm come from? What purpose does it serve?
How did you learn about it?
What happened when you broke the rule or social norm?
What were people’s reactions?
What was your reaction?
How did you feel? How do you imagine others felt?
3. ALTRUISM (3 points)
Based on the discussion of the bystander effect in your textbook, share an example of
helping behavior you have witnessed.
What factors do you believe contributed to the behavior?
Alternatively, share an example of a situation in which someone was not helpful. What
factors do you believe contributed to this behavior?
4. STRESSED OUT? (3 points)
AThe end of the semester is coming up! What do you do to relieve stress? Are any of you
good at avoiding getting stressed out in the first place? Share your strategies. If a friend
were to come to you for advice on how to handle stress, what would you tell him/her?
Identify the evidence from your textbook that supports your advice.
5. MADNESS (1 point)
Describe or explain one thing you learned about mental disorders that you did not know
before taking this class. It can be from the book, lecture or the in-class film, "Back from
6. TAKE CARE (3 points)
This is a bit of a wrap-up topic: Reflect on the semester -- we've learned about the brain,
sensation and perception, learning & behavior modification, memory, sleep, problem
solving, motivation, development, social behavior, personality, disorders, health and
therapy. What did you learn that will stick with you? Is there anything that you will be likely
to use in your life? Is there something you learned that you can use to take care of your
mental or physical health? Please share your final thoughts.