The Stranger Final Prompt

Prompt #3 - The Stranger – “Going Against Social Norms” Prompt
After completing The Stranger, one observes a change within Meursault. After being indifferent,
distant, and unmoved, the reader witnesses acceptance and understanding with his life outcome and his
final status. Your objective is to write a creative piece with a similar concept.
 As a writer, your goal is to focus on a specific social norm in life. Your story should demonstrate
man’s struggle to define and control their own existence
 This struggle will be shown through a story violating social conventions or social norms.
 Create a scenario where an individual follows their own beliefs and, due to this belief, faces
consequences within society.
Consider what are social norms and expectations within different settings, cultures, or scenarios
The protagonist should represent you – meaning your actions, attitude, psyche, etc.
When considering other characters, make sure they personalize an attitude or aspect of society.
Basically, their actions, dialogue, and voice should reflect your opinion on the “accepted” belief
about your social norm.
Write – list some of the norms you find annoying, do not value, or find troublesome
Setting – where is a location where rejecting this norm makes sense, or does not make sense
Characters – you must have at least a protagonist (you) and an antagonist (the force you must
go against) who provides ridicule, consequences, embarrassment, etc.)
Introduction of main character
Setting description
Have your character become
involved, or a part of, the
Plot Considerations (Act I, II, III)
Begin/start a conflict with the
social norm (consider how the
norm is introduced – through
the protagonist or antagonist)
Develop struggle, interaction,
discussion, or conflict within
this norm
Discovery or defense of the
protagonist’s belief system
Consequences or outcomes in
this setting or from the
Resolution or acceptance
within the setting and/or social
The Necessary Format Stuff:
 Since this is a creative piece, it should include a balance of narration and dialogue throughout
 Instead of a page minimum/maximum, here’s a fancy word count: 700 – 1200 words