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by Arthur Miller
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HINT: Use qu otes from text and f ro m othe r resources d ist ributed in cl ass to help you.
Show of f y our k nowle dge of t he pla y. T he essa y must be d one in M.L. A. for ma t a nd be
sure t o inc lude a “wo rks ci ted” page . ( see me o r the Bedfo rd red h andb ook in the ro o mor co nsult t he te mplate fo r M .L. A. for ma tti ng.)Se e R UB RIC!
1. Present Abigail Williams as the most evil force in the play, “The Crucible.” (Define “evil” then cite
different incidents which she created and was involved in throughout the entire play that proved her to
be “evil.”
2. Present John Proctor as a t ragi c her o found in “The Crucible.” BE SURE TO USE THE FORMAL
LITERARY DEFINITION as your guide. Do not guess the definition.
3. Defend the theme as found in “The Crucible:” ”to be safe, people decide to follow along with the
(cite who these people are, the times in which they “followed” for their own safety, and why, in
4. Choose one theme from the list below, and in deta il describe how it is revealed in the play and
what overall effect it had on the outcome of the play, “The Crucible.” What characters, in particular,
and HOW were they guilty of such a sin? What did it do to them and the village? BE SURE TO USE A
Wrat h/ Anger
Glutton y
Greed/ Av ar ice
Slot h
Env y
You may choose to focus on just Abigail and explain how each of these vices fuel into each other while
following her actions throughout the play.
5. Imagine a jury has been selected by the people of Salem Village, and has permitted John Proctor a
lawyer, and they have hired you. This is your chance to save John Proctor. Write a lawyer’s closing
argument as you are seeking a verdict of “not guilty” for John Proctor, who were sentenced to hang for
committing the crime of witchcraft. (Cite all evidence and events that would portray their innocence.
All the details, quotes, and evidence you will find in the document, of the play, The Crucible.)
6. Alternate theses..or topics such as
COMMUNISM- (how the play was Allegorical)•
How World history repeats itself, humans never learning from their mistakes.... Cite other
events in history which are similar and we should’ve learned from, but didn’t etc..