BMS Personal Financial Management Program

BMS Personal Financial Management Program
Money Management made easy.
Synopsis of the BMS Personal Financial Management Program lessons.
Part 1 — The Big Picture
Part 4 — Doing it!
Session 1: What is Money?
Session 2: When Money is More than Money
Session 3: I’m Dreaming of a ...
Session 1: Are We There Yet?
Session 2: Bookkeeping Once a Month
Session 3: Why Can’t I Stick to a Spending Plan?
Part 2 — Goal Planning
Part 5 — Debt Management
Session 1: Goal Planning
Session 2: Write it Down, Make it Happen
Session 3: Time Matters
Session 4: Oh Yeah, That’s Where I Was Going
Session 5: I Want a Pet. Butterfly, Goldfish or Dog?
Session 6: I Want a Dog. You want a Cat
Session 7: A Backbone, Not a Brick Wall
Session 8: A Goal is a Goal is a Goal
Session 9: Keys to Successful Goal Setting
Session 1: Credit Cards – Yipee!
Session 2: Good Debt Bad Debt
Session 3: Smart Debt Repayment
Session 1: Your Spending Plan
Session 2: Spending
Session 3: The Not so Monthlies
Session 4: Saving to Reach Your Goals
Session 5: Yikes! I Can’t Save That Much Every Month!
Session 6: Net Income
Session 7: Time to Crunch The Numbers
Session 1: Organizing Habits
Session 2: Setting Priorities
Session 3: Knowledge is Power
Part 7 — Dealing with Financial Uncertainty
Part 3 — Your Spending Plan
Be Money Smart
Part 6 — Effective Financial Habits
Session 1: Biggest Mistake Made by Sporadic Income Earners
Session 2: The Last Minute Rescue
Session 3: Survival Planning
Part 8 — Useful Tools
Session 1: 20 Terrific Tips
Session 2: Listing of Expenses