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Castro−Huber: Marine
Biology, Fourth Edition
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For every chapter in this textbook, a variety of
useful study tools are available on the Marine Biology Online Learning Center. Students will discover chapter-sorted Marine Biology on the Net
links to web pages of related content for further
reading and research. Key terms from each chapter can be studied interactively as Key Terms
Flashcards. The Do-It-Yourself Summary
helps students review material learned in each
chapter, and the Quiz Yourself allows students
to test themselves on important concepts learned
in each chapter.
See It In Motion underwater video clips display interesting habitats and behaviors for many
animals in the ocean. For Further Reading
sections provide links to online articles for further study and research. Careers in Marine Biology offers links to interesting careers in the
field of marine biology, and Marine Biology
Case Studies detail stories of endangered
species, marine habitats, and more.
Instructors will find that the Online Learning Center hosts the Instructor’s Manual, plus
eight Field and Laboratory Exercises that may
be printed and used in the laboratory section for
this course. Sample Syllabi and a List of Transparencies are also available within the Instructor
Resources section of the Online Learning Center. The Marine Biology Online Learning Center
can be accessed by visiting
marinebiology (just click on this book’s cover).