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Alternative Media Websites
AlterNet A project of the Independent Media Institute. Includes some of the best alternative
points of view on social issues.
Common Dreams News Center Alternative analysis and best of the mainstream press.
Cursor A critical look at the media on international issues.
Democracy Now News Daily radio show. Audio and video are useful for contrasting with
mainstream news.
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting Excellent articles critiquing mainstream media coverage of the crisis. Good links.
Foreign Policy in Focus Valuable background readings on foreign policy issues.
The Independent (U.K.) Some of the best reporting on the war and terrorism. Articles by Robert Fisk
are among the finest in the world. See also reporting by The Guardian in Great Britain
Independent Media Center Immediate reporting of anti-war protests and resources for linking the current
crisis to issues of global inequality.
The Iraq Journal Reports directly from Iraq as well as links to alternative sources of information
on Iraq.
Media Workers Against the War A British site offers alternative perspectives on the current war.
The Nation Provocative articles on the crisis. Some classroom-friendly. Helpful links.
The Progressive Excellent, readable articles on the war and loss of civil liberties.
War Times A free paper with clear writing, available for bulk distribution.
Rethinking Schools Online - Teaching About the War
Z Magazine and Z Net Articles, reviews, and resources from a progressive perspective.
Spring 2003
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