Buyers Guide for wholesaleandused instruments

Buyers Guide for
Wholesale & Used music instruments and accessories (student level)
Always consult your school band director and/or private instructor before
committing to a purchase.
Ebay can be very useful for used mouthpieces – be sure to type in the search
field brand name then mouthpiece i.e.: selmer mouthpiece and look for the exact
model and size needed. Make sure it is for the instrument you need i.e.: alto
saxophone vs. tenor saxophone or Bb clarinet vs. bass clarinet. Check with
teacher to be sure. Check the price guide below.
Ebay can be good for used instruments as long as you know what you are
looking at. Stick to the name brands. Keep in mind that companies make many
different models. Sellers on ebay know this, buyers often do not. In other words,
Ford makes economy cars and luxury cars. Music companies are much the
same. If you see the bidding price at thousands of dollars, it is probably a
professional line instrument. Check with your teacher for appropriate models for
your student.
PLEASE DO NOT buy an instrument from retail stores that do not specialize in
music instruments . . . they are much less quality than the standard brand names
and often need numerous repairs.
Pawn Shops, Garage Sales, and Flea Markets are all known to sell band
instruments when available. Make sure you look closely at the instrument for
dents, corrosion/rust, lime green deposits, finish wear and cracks or chips. Keep
with the standard brands and models, get a price and ask your band teacher or
private instructor.
Wholesale Music Companies have cheaper new instrument/accessory prices
than buying from local stores simply because they stock everything in mass
quantity. Some companies also offer B or C stock instruments meaning used,
reconditioned, or small blemish at a reduced price. Most companies have websites where all instruments can be viewed and/or ordered. Major whole-sellers
include: Woodwind & Brasswind, Muncy Winds, Weiner Music and Pro Winds.
Other companies gear business more towards accessories like Mouthpiece
Express and 1-Stop Clarinet & Saxophone Shop. Consult your music teacher for
any additional information.
Estimated Price range for most used student instruments:
Flute - $100 – 300
Clarinet (wood) - $200 – 700
Alto Saxophone - $300 – 800
Tenor Saxophone - $400 – 1000
Trumpet - $150 – 400
Trombone - $150 – 400
French Horn (single) – $400 – 1000
French Horn (double) – $700 – 1500
Oboe (plastic) – $400 – 1000
Oboe (wood) - $700 – 1000
Bb Clarinet ($35-55)
Bass Clarinet ($60-85)
Alto Saxophone ($45-65)
Tenor Saxophone ($60-80)
Tuba ($20-40)