CEN 4020 Software Engineering Syllabus: Spring

CEN 4020
Software Engineering
Syllabus: Spring 2016
Software Engineering: Theory and Practice
S. L. Pfleeger and J. M. Atlee
Prentice Hall, Latest Edition
Time & place
Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:00 – 6:15 pm, CHE 102
Dr. Les A. Piegl, Professor, ENC 2501, Phone: 974-5234
E-mail: [email protected], URL: http://www.piegl.com
Office hours: Online via Webex
To obtain a basic understanding of high quality, commercial-grade software
design using solid principles and well accepted programming practices
Programming concepts/design
Data Structures and programming experience in a high level language
Basics of software engineering
Software process modeling
Project planning and management
Requirement analysis
Software system design
Object-oriented methods
Programming principles
Unit and system testing
System delivery
System maintenance
Product and process evaluations
Two essays: 40% of the grade
Presentation: 20% of the grade
Weekly reviews: 10% of the grade
Term project: 30% of the grade
Essay and Progress Report No. 1: February 11
Essay and Progress Report No. 2: March 24
Presentations and reviews: each Thursday
Term project: April 19, 21 and 26
The course follows the official attendance policy of USF and that of the
Computer Science & Engineering Department. No other course specific
policy is enforced.
Notes of lectures
Notes or tapes of class lectures may not be sold or distributed without the
permission of the Instructor. Lectures may be taped for personal study,
however, it requires a permission from the Instructor.
Students may be absent from class due to religious observance. A written
notice is requested during the first week of classes if the student intends to
observe religious holidays other than the ones designated by USF.