“Thus says the Lord, ‘A voice is heard in Ramah, lamentation and bitter weeping. Rachel is weeping for her children;
she refuses to be comforted for her children, because they are no more.”
(Jeremiah 31:15)
Dear Benefactor,
September Appeal 2014
Our Several Sources “baby saving” work has grown more difficult but with each challenge come the joys of so
many success stories even in the midst of our current financial struggles. As the bills pile high on my desk, so do
the photos and letters of appreciation from the women whose babies you have helped to save.
Shivani is 30 yrs. old, married with a 7 year
old son and works as a sales consultant in NJ. She and her husband were born in India and while
neither believed in abortion, since her husband
was not yet a citizen, they were afraid that he
might have to return to India.
So they decided to make an appointment at
the abortion clinic in Englewood. As they notice
the “soft blue van” Rosemary our Manager and
Ultrasound Technician asked if they would like
to see the baby. At first they didn’t want to see
their baby. But when Rosemary explained about
the services and resources that we offer they had a
change of heart.
Shivani explains, “I was asked to lie down on
the exam table and I could see a large television
screen in front of me. My husband and I could see
the small rhythm of our baby’s heart beating but it
was too early to hear it. My husband and I were
so happy to see the beginning of life. The van was
a great experience because I do not have insurance and I was given resources for all my medical
and insurance needs. It helped us not to get the
abortion. We do not have this kind of service in
India and most women have no place to go for help especially if you are poor. Thank you very much for all
the help my husband and I received because of this miracle van, during a time we thought that no one cared
for us. Because of you wonderful people we will be having our second child in February 2015.”
Anna was our very FIRST Sprinter visitor, convinced she would
abort her baby, and then a sidewalk counselor approached her.
Thanks be to God she changed her mind and never went into
the clinic. Today “saved” baby Brena, born March 25th at
8 lbs, is the joy of her mother’s life.
Rosemary worked as an ultrasound technician for nine years at Planned Parenthood before leaving to
eventually work at “Our Gift of Hope”. She had an amazing track record of saving babies in the midst of
adversity. She explains, “Often, I’d say that one out of four pregnant women only needed me to talk to them
and ultimately they decided not to abort their babies. While Planned Parenthood required an ultrasound for
every pregnant woman scheduled to have an abortion, if the woman came into my office upset, I would speak
to her about God and His forgiveness. I truly believe the Holy Spirit guided me to help them have their babies. It didn’t take much on my part. All I did was hold their hands and let them know that Christ died for us,
and all they have to do is have their baby and move forward with their pregnancies.” Then Rosemary would
always use herself as an example since she was a 15 year old when she got
pregnant and she herself decided to have her son. Rosemary continued, “They needed someone to encourage them and
help them through their fears. And while they thought that God hated them
right now for what they were about to do, I explained that God loves them
even though He knows why they came into this building. They are afraid
but they can change their minds and that’s what many of them did.”
Now Rosemary can put all her experience into our “baby saving”
mission at “Our Gift of Hope!” From all her adversity, she can counsel and
strengthen frightened women to choose life for their preborn babies while
offering the services they need including free housing at our
Several Sources Shelters. Please know your support of our resources
“Our Gift of Hope” Ultrasound
today will help to save many babies lives tomorrow. Please visit
Manager Rosemary holds Several
www.ourgiftofhope.org to learn even more about Our Gift of Hope’s
Sources “Saved” baby Zamir
mission and activities.
born 1-27-14.
SEVERAL SOURCES SHELTERS | P.O. Box 157, Ramsey, NJ 07446 | 201-818-9033 | www.severalsources.net
As you know our work at “Our Gift of Hope” began
with our shelters for mothers and their babies both born and
preborn. We conduct regular Bible studies with our young
Several Sources Shelters mothers so that they will learn and
then teach their children about God’s Holy Word. One recent
Sunday our lesson included the Parable of the Mustard Seed. When I asked the mothers, “What does this mean
to you?” Danielle said, “It taught us a lot about faith
Several Sources mothers and Housemothers pray each
day for God to bless them, their babies and all the
because in the past when I’d pray and I didn’t get what
Several Sources mothers, babies, benefactors and their
I wanted in my life, I’d get mad at God because things
families, past, present and future.
Our most recent Bible Study included this parable: “The
kingdom of Heaven is like a Mustard seed, which a man
took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest
of all your seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of
garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of
the air come and perch in its branches.”
(Matt. 13: 31-32)
Often our mothers have not had
the opportunity to learn about
Our Lord and His teachings before coming to Several Sources.
Our goal is to teach them about both so
they can teach their children.
Several Sources “Saved” Babies
Aminah born 6-23-14 and Jeremiah
born 4-12-14.
“Saved” baby Zamir
born 1-27-14 .
Moms’ Mustard Seeds
of Faith Artwork.
didn’t change as fast as I wanted. But I’ve learned by coming
to Several Sources that even a little prayer can take time and
then God comes to help you as long as you have faith, like
helping me by bringing me here and now I have a lot more
faith in God because of the people I have
met including the staff, the environment
and most of all, my baby. I am a living example of the meaning of the faith of a mustard seed. I pray all the time now. A lot of
things I questioned before make sense now.
I just ask Him for the strength now and I do
not get angry. I know God is always there
for me.”
SEVERAL SOURCES SHELTERS | P.O. Box 157, Ramsey, NJ 07446 | 201-818-9033 | www.severalsources.net
Danielle explained, “Naming my baby
‘Gianna’ just proves about the mustard seed of
faith. I picked out my baby’s name a long time
ago. I just loved it and the meaning ‘God is
gracious.’ When I found out about the life of St.
Gianna I was so surprised and shocked because
Kathy was Italian and St. Gianna is also Italian
and both of them are so prolife and I’m living at
a prolife shelter. My baby is due on Sept. 20th.
It took two months before an opening came up
at Several Sources. Their beds were always
filled. My phone was about to run out and I was
so mad. I laid down on the floor and I prayed
because I was just about to give up and 30 minutes later I got a call. They told me that they had
a bed and picked me up. I was so relieved. My
prayer was answered.”
Danielle’s baby is
due in Sept. and her
baby will be named
after St. Gianna
which means,
“God is gracious.”
Saint Gianna Beretta Molla (October 4, 1922 –
April 28, 1962) was an Italian pediatrician, wife
and mother who is best known for refusing both
an abortion and a hysterectomy when she was
pregnant with her fourth child, despite knowing
that continuing with the pregnancy could result
in her death. She was canonized as a saint of the
Catholic Church by Pope John Paul II in 2004.
Dear Several Sources Supporter, there certainly are times that I share with Danielle her feelings about being
anxious, especially as I worry about how we will pay our Several Sources bills. The last two times I sent out appeals
the responses were each $20,000 behind what they were in 2013. But like Danielle, I too must have a “mustard seed
of faith” and pray and believe Our Dear Lord will in time answer my pleas, my prayers to continue to help save His
DEFICIT. I ask not for myself but for His innocent preborn little ones.
Your Sister in Christ Jesus,
Kathy DiFiore
Kathy holds “saved” baby Phoenix
born 5-4-14.
P.S. #1: Other than Our Dear Lord, Himself, you truly are the only place
we can turn in this our hour of great need. Please help us to keep our shelters open. Please help us to keep our “baby saving” Sprinter still operating. $35 supports a mother and baby at our shelter for a day, $245 for a
week, and $1,050 for a month. So sorry to always be asking for help but
your support is vital to our baby saving efforts.
P.S. #2: Our “baby saving” Sprinter has saved as many as 8 babies in one day! On average it costs $50 to save one
baby on our Sprinter. Please be as generous as possible!!! Many innocent preborn lives are depending on us in order
to live and fulfill the destiny God has in store for them.
SEVERAL SOURCES SHELTERS | P.O. Box 157, Ramsey, NJ 07446 | 201-818-9033 | www.severalsources.net