World War I Quiz 2 Study Guide Warfare, U.S. Involvement in WWI

World War I Quiz 2 Study Guide
Warfare, U.S. Involvement in WWI, and Outcomes of the War
War and New Warfare
1. When did World War I take place? (years)
2. What is trench warfare?
A type of fighting during World War I in which both sides dug trenches protected by
mines and barbed wire.
3. List and describes the new kind of warfare and weapons used during World War I. Include the
name of the warfare, and at least 3 new weapons used.
– Grenades
– Airplanes
– Machine guns
– Barbed wire
– Submarines (German submarines called U-boats)
– Poison gas
4. What German weapon greatly affected the war? (HINT: this weapon is used in the water)
5. Name the 2 battlefronts from the war.
Western Front and Eastern Front
6. What was the disadvantage the Central Powers faced during the war?
The Central Powers were surrounded by the Allied Powers forcing them to fight on two
U.S. Involvement
7. Who was president of the USA during World War I?
Woodrow Wilson
8. What role did the US take in the beginning of the war?
Neutral (Isolationism) – The U.S. did not take sides in the beginning of the war.
9. What year did the US enter World War I?
10. What 4 reasons caused the US to enter World War I. Describe all 4 in detail.
United States economic and political ties to Great Britain
Sinking of the Lusitania
Inability to remain neutral
The Zimmerman Note
11. What is propaganda?
Information designed to influence opinion.
12. What character was used on US recruiting posters?
Uncle Sam
Outcome of the War
13. What was the name of President Wilson’s peace plan?
Fourteen Points
14. What was the purpose of this plan?
To prevent all future wars
15. What was the last point of Wilson’s plan called?
League of Nations
16. What was the name of the treaty that ended World War I?
Treaty of Versailles
17. List at 3 punishments Germany had to face after the war?
Forced Germany to accept guilt for war and pay reparations (pay for damages)
Limited Germany’s military
– Forbidden to have aircraft and submarines
Germany lost colonies and territories
18. What country rejected the treaty that ended World War I?
United States
19. Why did this country reject the treaty?
Many Americans did not trust the idea of a League of Nations
They thought that an organization would tie America to international work (protecting
other nations) forever
20. Use the cartoon below. What is the artist’s intended message of the cartoon?
The U.S. (Wilson) created the League of Nations;
therefore it was weak (or unsuccessful) without the
United States as a member.