Clark Memorandum Title Index Title, author, issue date, page A “A

Clark Memorandum Title Index
Title, author, issue date, page
“A Handful of Pumpkin Seeds”
McKay, Monroe G.
Spring 2012, p. 4
“A Law upon Which All Blessings Are Predicated”
Thomas, David A.
Fall 2008, p. 2
“A Lesson in Flying”
Jones, RonNell Andersen
Fall 2013, p. 14
“A Mother’s Pace”
McNeal, Gwen Goodson
Spring 2009, p. 18
“A Pairing of Disciplines”
West, Stephen A.
Spring 2002, p.18
“A Personal Philosophy of Professionalism”
Cecil O. Samuelson
Fall 2003, p. 16
“A Song of Redemption”
Wilkins, Richard G.
Fall 2002, p. 2
“A Walk by Faith”
Hafen, Bruce C.
Spring 2008, p. 20
“A Walk of Thanksgiving”
Dominguez, David
Fall 2010, p.2
“Abandoning Children to Their Rights”
Hafen, Bruce C.
Spring/Summer 1987, p. 12
“Acquired by Character; Not by Money”
Starr, Kenneth W.
Fall 1990, p. 8
“Against the Current”
Synder, John
Spring 1994, p. 20
“Aligning Our Ethical Compass”
Rhode, Deborah L.
Spring 2007, p. 8
“Ambiguity in Law and in Life”
Hafen, Bruce C.
Spring 2011, p. 12
“American Inns of Court: A Quiet Crusade”
Cutler, Thomas H.
Fall 1990, p. 2
“And with All Thy Mind”
Welch, John W.
Spring 2004, p. 16
“An Individual Failure: The Hidden Victims”
Smith, Clay M.
Fall 2000, p. 26
“Anonymous No More”
Lyman, Lovisa
Spring 1997, p. 2
“Apostles of Equality”
Wallentine, Kenneth R.
Fall 1992, p. 2
“Atonement--Infinite and Eternal”
Bateman, Merrill J.
Fall 1995, p. 22
“Avoiding Pitfalls”
Whitman, Dale A.
Fall 2003, p. 20
Backman, Robert L.
Fall 1991, p. 12
“Balancing Family, Church, and Profession”
Panel Discussion
Spring 2007, p. 14
“Basic Mediation Training”
Wise, Jane
Fall 2000, p. 14
“Becoming a Fruitful Tree: Christ and the Limits of Legal Thinking”
Clark, Elizabeth A.
Spring 2013, p. 4
“Be Healers”
Faust, James E.
Spring 2003, p. 2
“Become Delivers”
Faust, James
Fall 2002, p. 24
“Becoming J. Reuben Clark’s Law School”
Romney, Marion G.
Fall 1993, p. 4
“Best Season”
Clyde, Aileen H.
Spring 1996, p. 20
Oaks, Dallin H.
Fall 1988, p. 10
“Brief Tribute to Dean H. Reese Hansen”
Fall 1996, p. 2
“Camelot for Scott”
Cramer, Lew
Fall 1992, p. 16
“Carl Hawkins, Teacher”
Stewart, Monte
Fal 2010, p.13
“Carl S. Hawkins”
Fall 2010, p. 6
“Christ and the Code: The Dilemma of the Christian Attorney”
Allegretti, Joseph G.
Fall 1990, p. 18
“Christianity and the Mad Dog Litigator”
Campbell, David G.
Spring 1991, p. 30
“Call to Serve”
Zobrist, Mark
Fall 1994, p. 34
“Centering on Humility”
Scharffs, Brett
Winter 1998, p. 2
“Church and the Common Good”
Shaffer, Thomas
Spring 1995, p. 3
“Civility: A Necessity, Not a Luxury, in the American Political System”
Shea, Patrick A.
Spring/Summer 1998, p.34
“Challenge: Basing Your Career on Principles”
Morrison, Alexander B.
Spring 1999, p. 32
“Confirm Thy Soul in Self-Control”
Christofferson, D. Todd
Spring 2001, p. 2
“Constitutional Thought of J. Reuben Clark, Jr.”
Gowdy, J. David
Spring 1999, p. 10
“Coriolanus Syndrome: Is it Virtuous to Be Obstinate?”
Hafen, Bruce C.
Spring 1992, p. 20
“Courtroom with a View”
Janetski, Joyce
Spring 1999, p. 16
“Dee Benson: On His Own Schedule”
Hawkins, Lisa B.
Spring 1992, p. 16
“Do u.s. Courts Discriminate Against Treaties? Equivalence, Duality, And Non-SelfExecution”
Moore, David H.
Spring 2011, p. 28
“Driving Ms. Burns”
Lyman, Lovisa
Spring 1996, p. 40
“Duty to Rescue: The Case of the Good-Enough Samaritan”
Santiago, Tessa M.
Spring 2001, pg. 26
“Education Multipliers”
Baradaran, Mehrsa
Fall 2012, p. 4
“Encountering China: An Interview with Doug and Corene Parker”
Cameron, Scott W.
Fall 1996, pg. 28
“Escape from the 85th Floor”
Guzman, Victor
Spring 2003, p. 8
“Essentials of a Mormon Jurisprudence”
Welch, John W.
Fall 2010, p. 24
“Ethical Professional”
Lundberg, Constance K.
Spring 1996, pg. 6
“Faith, Family, and Religious Freedom”
Holland, Jeffrey R.
Fall 2013, p. 20
“Faithful Sacrifice”
Lundberg, Constance K.
Fall 2005, p. 28
“Faith to Forgive Grievous Harms: Accepting the Atonement as Restitution”
Rasband, James R.
Spring 2013, p. 22
“Fiddler on the U.N. Roof”
Cranney, Charles D.
Spring 1997, pg. 12
“Finding Family Harmony in a Dissonant World”
Madsen, Ann N.
Spring 1995, pg. 10
“Fundamentals and Initiatives”
Nelson, Russell M.
Fall 1990, p.12
“Glimpses of the Law School’s Founding”
Hafen, Bruce C.
Spring 2002, p.14
“Going Dutch”
Davis, Kira P.
Spring/Summer 1987, pg. 2
“Good Words for the Journey Ahead”
Anderson, Stephen H.
Fall 2000, pg. 20
“Gospel Teachings About Lying”
Oaks, Dallin H.
Spring 1994, p. 12
“Grief and Hope: A Prosecutor Looks at the Rwanda Tragedy”
Jallow, Hassan
Fall 2006, p. 2
“Growing Up”
Jack, Elaine L.
Fall 1993, p. 18
“Happy Anniversary”
JRCL‟s Class of 1980
Spring 2005, p. 22
“He Answered Directly”
Clayton, L. Whitney
Fall 2012, p. 20
“Heroes for Our Time Going Beyond Ethical Codes”
Morgan, Thomas D.
Fall 1992, p. 22
“How Do We Practice Our Religion While We Practice?”
Griffith, Thomas B.
Fall 2004, p. 12
“How Shall This Be?: A Message From the Christmas Story”
Wise, Jane H.
Fall 2010, p.21
“How to Win Friends and Infulence Republicans: The Remarkable Campaign of Bill
Cranney, Charles D.
Spring 1991, p. 16
“Humor in Law Teaching”
Gordon, James D. III
Spring 1991, p. 2
“Hurler of Stars: To Serve and to Revere”
Hanks, Marion D.
Spring 1994, p. 28
“Hysteria and the Bill of Rights”
McKay, Monroe
Spring 1993, p. 18
“If at First You Don’t Succeed, You’re Normal”
Wallentine, Kenneth R.
Winter 1998, p. 22
“In Defense of American Tort Law”
Dewsnup, Esq., Ralph L.
Fall 1991, p. 24
“In His Own Words”
Stewart, Monte
Fall 2004, p. 20
“In Memoriam: Rex E. Lee”
Wilkins, Richard
Spring 1996, p. 2
“In Search of Atticus Finch”
Wickman, Lance B.
Spring 2006, p. 2
“Instruments in His Hands: Doing this Great and Marvellous Work”
Echohawk, Larry
Fall 2013, p. 30
“In the Beginning: The Making of the J. Reuben Clark Law School”
Hawkins, Carl S.
Spring 1997, p. 22
“Integrity and the Practice of Law”
Tilleman, William A.
Fall 2012, p. 10
“Integrity . . . the Evidence Within”
Maxwell, Neal A.
Fall 1993, p. 10
“Is it Possible to be a Lawyer and a Christian?
Scharffs, Brett
Spring 2000, p. 26
“It Is Given unto You to Judge”
McCleve, Sheila K.
Spring 1992, p. 2
“It Was Twenty Years Ago Today: The Charter Class Looks Back”
Kalstrom, Jonathan Brett
Fall 1996, p. 18
“Jehovah’s Code of Civil Justice”
Welch, John W.
Spring 2005, p. 12
“Judicial Clerkships: Other Mountain Tops from Which to View the World”
Boyle, Larry M.
Spring 1992, p. 28
“Just Lawyers”
Mabey, Ralph R.
Spring 2000, p. 2
“Keepers of the Flame”
Howard, Burton F.
Fall 1994, p. 22
“Keeping the Weightier Matters of the Law”
Jensen, Marlin K.
Spring 1991, p. 24
“Keys to Being Happy, Successful, and Fulfilled”
Wallace, Clifford
Fall 2010, p14
“Knowing God by Receiving Him in the World”
Huff, Randall
Fall 2002, p. 18
“Latter-day Saint Lawyers and the Public Square”
Cook, Quentin L.
Fall 2009, p. 2
“Latter-day Saint Reflections on the Trial and Death of Jesus”
Welch, John W.
Fall 2000, p. 2
“Law and Becoming”
Christofferson, D. Todd
Spring 2011, p. 4
“Law School: A Sacred Experience”
Wise, Jane H.
Spring 2003, p. 14
“Lawyers and the Rule of Law”
Gordon, James D. III
Spring 2009, p. 2
“Lawyers Who Made a Difference in My Life”
Hansen, Reese H.
Fall 2002, p. 12
“Lawyers and the Atonement”
Griffith, Thomas B.
Spring 2001, p. 8
“Leaders and Learning”
Clark, Kim B.
Spring 2009, p. 26
“Learning from Our Conflicts”
Williams, Gerald R.
Spring 2007, p. 2
“Learning in the Light: The New BYU Law Library”
Lundberg, Constance K.
Spring 1995, p. 16
“Legal Olympians”
Pullins, Kathy E.
Spring 1990, p. 2
“Liberty, Civility, and Professionalism”
Chin, Ming W.
Spring 2009, p. 20
“Lifting Others”
Huntsman Sr., Jon
Spring 2006, p. 20
“Looking Ahead: Preparing for Life’s Challenges”
Matheson Jr., Scott M.
Fall 2005, p. 2
“Looking Beyond the Stacks: Staying Connected to Current Legal Research
Armond, David L. and Shawn G. Nevers
Fall 2013, p. 4
“Making a Difference”
Jackson, Norman H.
Fall 1996, p. 24
“Man Behind the Bow Tie: An Interview with Edward L. Kimball”
Spring 1996, p. 26
“Morality and Professional Ethics”
Oaks, Dallin H.
Spring 2000, p. 10
“Mourning Boerne”
Hugh Hewitt
Spring/Summer 1998, p. 12
“Mr. Bybee Goes to Washington”
Carter, Edward L.
Spring 2002, p.23
“Musings of a Small-Town Lawyer”
Snow, Steven E.
Spring 2012, p. 8
“Never Again Foundation”
Carter, Edward L.
Spring 2003, p.22
“On Becoming a Good Apple”
Griffith, Thomas B.
Fall 2012, p. 26
“On Being Ethical Lawyers”
O‟Connor, Sandra Day
Spring 2008, p. 2
“On Being Wise Stewards of the Sacred Land”
Echohawk, Larry
Spring 1993, p. 14
“On the Shoulders of Giants”
Packer, Boyd K.
Fall 2004, p. 2
“On the Wings of My Fathers”
EchoHawk, Larry
Spring 2008, p. 8
“One on One: The Law School Mentoring Program”
Carter, Edward L.
Spring 2002, p.10
“Opening Doors: Jesse L. Riddle”
Carter, Edward L.
Spring 2003, p. 20
“Originalist Roots of Substantive Due Process”
Gedicks, Frederick Mark
Fall 2009, p. 12
“Out of Kindergarten, Out of Law School”
Yarbrough, Marilyn V.
Fall 1995, p. 30
“Packing Your Breifcase”
Tacha, Deanell Reece
Fall 2007, p. 2
“Paradise Found”
Janetski, Joyce
Spring 2000, p.18
“Peacemaking : our Essential Work in the Last Days”
Okazaki, Chieko N.
Spring 2007, p. 22
“Perception verses Reality”
Gedicks, Frederick Mark
Fall1996, p. 8
“Portraits: Brett Sharffs and Tom Lee”
Fall 1997, p. 22
“Portraits: C. Douglas Floyd, and Marguerite Driessen”
Lyman, Lovisa
Fall 1996, p. 29
“Portraits: Gayle F. McKeachnie, Tom & Kathryn Morgan, and Paul Warner”
Winter 1998, p. 30
“Portraits: James Clafin, John W. Welch, and William K. Wallace III”
Spring 1999, p. 40
“Portraits: John W. Welch: Safe at Home”
Cranney, Carl
Spring 1999, p. 42
“Portraits: Kevin J. Worthen, and John Fee”
Fall 2000, p. 30
“Portraits: LeGrande Fletcher, Steve Averett, Kristin Gerdy, and Lorena Riffo”
Spring/Summer 1998, p. 38
“Portraits: Robert Payne, W. Cole Durham, Winston Wilkinson, and Richard Fitt”
Spring 2000, p. 33
“Predicting Violence”
Baradaran, Shiima and Frank McIntyre
Fall 2011, p. 18
“Promised Lands”
Nibley, Hugh
Spring 1993, p. 2
“Pure Religion”
West, Steven A.
Fall 1994, p. 14
“Real Generation Gap”
Jennings, Marianne M.
Winter 1998, p. 14
“Reenter the Realm of Feelings”
Oaks, Dallin H.
Fall 1996, p. 4
“Reflections on a Changing Era”
Hawkins, Carl S.
Fall 1991, p. 32
“Reflections on the Lord’s Legal Storehouse”
Galli, Craig D.
Spring 2006, p. 12
“Religious Doctrine and the Language of Law”
Pullan, Derek P.
Fall 2005, p. 20
“Religiously Affiliated Law Schools: An Added Dimension”
Worthen, Kevin J
Fall 2007, p. 10
“Remembering Lincoln the Lawyer”
Andersen, Kelly L.
Spring/Summer 1998, p. 2
“Rescue Mission”
Adams, Susan
Fall 1988, p. 2
“Safe Passage”
Cameron, Scott W.
Spring 2004, p. 10
“Safe Return”
Goldsmith, Michael
Fall 1994, p. 28
“Satisfaction in the Law”
Campbell, David G.
Fall 1993, p. 24
“Selected Letters”
Deem, Woody
Fall 1995, p. 16
“Selected Letters, Part Two”
Deem, Woody
Spring 1996, p. 14
“Serve God, Love Me, and Mend”
Jarvis, Annette W.
Spring 2011, p. 22
Wise, Jane H.
Fall 2002, p. 42
“So Let It Be Written”
Lyman, Lovisa
Spring 1996, p. 32
“Soldiers of the Spirit”
Wickman, Lance B.
Fall 1995, p. 2
“Song to Sing: The Importance of Religiously Affiliated Law Schools”
Gordon, James D. III
Fall 1997, p. 8
“Still on the Border: The Fractured Membership Rights of the Undocumented Worker”
Núñez, Carolina
Spring 2010, p. 18
“Stories That Defined Our Law School”
Kimball, Dale A.
Spring 2010, p. 10
“Study and Practice of the Laws of Men in Light of the Laws of God”
Faust, James E.
Fall 1988, p. 16
“Sweet Taste of Irony”
Gedicks, Frederick Mark
Fall 1991, p. 20
“Telling Our Stories of Jesus: The Necessary Narrative”
Santiago, Tessa Meyer
Spring 2007, p. 30
Madsen, Truman
Spring 1995, p. 26
“Testimony Before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary”
Oaks, Dallin H.
Spring/Summer 1998, p. 20
“The 21st Century as the Century of Duties?”
Welch, John W.
Spring 2013, p. 30
“The Beginning and the End of a Lawyer”
Oaks, Dallen H.
Spring 2005, p. 2
“The Boundaries of Belonging”
Wardle, Lynn D.
Spring 2012, p. 16
“The Essence of Lawyering in an Atmosphere of Faith”
Worthen, Kevin J.
Fall 2004, p. 32
“The Heart of Lawyering”
Gerdy, Kristin B.
Fall 2009, p. 28
“The House That Rex Built”
Benson, Dee V.
Spring 2007, p. 22
“The Lawyer As Composer”
Scharffs, Brett
Spring 2002, p. 2
“The Lawyer As Composer, Part Two”
Scharffs, Brett
Fall 2002, p. 30
“The Lawyer as Peacemaker”
Durrant, Matthew B.
Fall 2008, p. 10
“The Men Who Created the Market”
Wise, Jane
Spring 2004, p. 24
“The Most Important Three Things in the World”
Scharffs, Brett G.
Spring 2010, p. 2
“The Other Side of Time”
McCleve, Sheila K.
Fall 2006, p. 18
“The Profession Everyone Loves to Hate”
Gordon, James D. III
Fall 1995, p. 10
“The Relevance of Religious Freedom”
Young, Michael K.
Spring 2008, p. 14
“The Struggle for Gender Equality”
Ellsworth, Sherrill A.
Fall 2011, p. 12
“The Trial of Christ”
Kofford, Cree-L
Fall 2003, p. 10
“The Triumph of the Atonement”
Tingey, Earl C.
Fall 2009, p. 20
“The Truth About Media Subpoenas”
Jones, RonNell Andersen
Spring 2009, p. 8
“Three Assumptions Lawyers Must Never Make”
Scharffs, Brett G.
Fall 2005, p. 10
“Thoughts After Fifteen Years”
Lee, Rex E.
Spring 1990, p. 12
“Thoughts on the Family: A Proclamation to the World”
Jarvis, Annette W.
Fall 2006, p. 8
“Timpanogos Legal Center”
Wise, Jane H.
Spring 2012, p. 26
“Too Much Law, Too Little Consensus”
Hafen, Bruce C.
Fall 1994, p. 4
“Truth: A Shield to Memory”
Hanks, Marion D.
Fall 1990, p. 26
“Two Cheers for Thinking Like a Lawyer”
Mosmon, Michael W.
Fall 2011, p. 4
“Unfolding in Time: The Founding and Mission of J. Reuben Clark Law School”
Oaks, Dallin H.
Spring 2013, p. 14
“Unmeasured Factors of Success”
Carmack, John K.
Fall 1997, p. 32
“Unto This Very Purpose”
Maxwell, Neal A.
Spring 2004, p. 2
“Unto Whom Much Is Given”
Rasband, James R.
Spring 2010, p. 26
“Utah’s Board of Pardons and Parole: Leading the Way”
Wise, Jane H.
Fall 2006, p. 24
Oaks, Dallin H.
Spring 1991, p. 10
“Varied Carols: Creating Harmony from Our Differences”
Sasine, Ronald
Fall 1991, p. 2
“View from the Bench: Brigham Young University’s 16 Young Judges”
Jenkins, Carri P.
Spring 1992, p. 8
“We are to Love God and Our Neighbors”
Hansen, H. Reese
Fall 1997, p. 14
“Weimar on the Wasatch? Mormon Political Alienation and the Search for Power”
Flanigan, Timothy E.
Spring/Summer 1998, p. 24
“Weightier Matters”
Oaks, Dallin H.
Spring 1999, p. 2
“Wheels to Keep us Moving”
Nielson, Sara
Fall 2011, p. 28
“Where Art Thou? Answering God’s Interrogatories”
Jensen, Marlin K.
Fall 1997, p. 2
“Where the Rubber Meets the Road”
Bargatze, David
Spring 2001, p. 16
“Why the Founding Fathers Would Call Another Constitutional Convention Now”
Wilkey, Malcom R.
Spring 1994, p. 2
“With Charity for All”
Holland, Matthew S.
Fall 2008, p. 18
“Women in the Law: Does That Mean Me?”
Barker, Nan
Fall 2008, p. 16
“Women of Influence”
Wise, Jane H.
Fall 2011, p. 26
“Woody Deem: Colleague, Mentor, Friend; A Colleague Remembers”
Kimball, Edward L.
Spring 1990, p. 19
“Woody Deem: Colleague, Mentor, Friend; A Student Remembers”
Parkinson, Jim
Spring 1990, p. 22
“Words of Hate, Words of Love”
Lundberg, Constance K.
Fall 2003, p. 2
Spring/Summer 1987, p. 17
*Supreme Court Clerks: What They Did,
Where They Are Now
*Lawrence J. Jensen Receives Alumnus
Service Award
*Memorandum and Its Photographer and
Designer Receive Kudos from CASE
*Law School Team Places Second in
National Negotiations Competition
*Law School Celebrates “The Blessings
of Liberty”
*Moot Court Team Captures Title
*Law School Inaugurates New Law
*Professor Hawkins Heads Florida Tort
and Liability Insurance Study
*Jean W. Burns Named Associate
Professor of Law
*Computers and Practice: BYU
Professors Develop”CAPS”
Fall 1988, p.28
*Kathy Pullins Named New Law School
Director of Career Services and Alumni
*Mary Alice Woolley Honored for
Dedication to Law School Loan Fund
*Seven Professors Appointed to Elite
*Professor Gerald Williams: Teaching
the Skills of Negotiation
*ABA Approves New Master‟s Degree
*How I Became Converted to Law: My
Summer at Utah Legal Services
*Utah Lawyer Assistance Society
*Two Professorhips Announced
*Symposium Held on Legal and
Business Affairs of China
*BYU Graduate Receives U.S. Supreme
Court Clerkship Invitation
*Fried and Millet Address Graduates
*Faculty Notes: James H Backman, Ray
Jay Davis, H. Reese Hansen, Edward L.
Kimball, Robert E. Riggs, David A.
Thomas, Lynn D. Wardle, and John W.
Spring 1990, p. 24
*Law School Administration Changes
As Lee/Hafen Take the University
Helm: Rex E. Lee, Bruce C. Hafen, H.
Reese Hansen, Constance Lundberg,
Scott W. Cameron, and Hal Visick
*Howard W. Hunter Professorship
*Justice White Addresses Students
*Board of Visitors Comes to Campus
*Public Servants Visit Campus
*BYU Sponsors Seventh Annual State
and Local Government Conference
*Graduate Completes Term As Young
Lawyers‟ President
*Graduate Named Dean of Capital
University Law School
*Dominguez Joins Faculty
*BYU Team Repeats Win at Spong
Moot Court Competition
*Law Student Wins Writing
*Library Gift Honors Drew Hawkins
*Preston Receives Faculty Appointment
Fall 1990, p. 30
*Law School Reorganization Completed
*Dean Lundberg Discusses Future of the
Law Library
*Durham Confers with Emerging
Eastern European Democracies
*David Dominguez and Diversity
*Noted NAACP Leader, Margaret Bush
Wilson, Visits BYU Law School
*Board of Visitors Holds 1990 Meetings
*Dewsnup Chosen as Honored Alumnus
*Alumni Association board of Directors
Spring 1991, p. 36
*Gender Bias in Law Explored at WeekLong Symposium
*Justice Sandra Day O‟Connor
Chairs Moot Court Finals
*Former Librarian David Thomas
Focuses on Teaching, Research
*David Campbell Enjoys Sabbatical at
Fall 1991, p. 42
*Doug Parker
*Dean Hansen Travels to Eastern
Europe with CEELI
*Donation of Lincoln Bust
*The J. Reuben Clark Law Society
Celebrates its Fourth Anniversary
*Alumni Giving
*Law Society and Alumni News
Spring 1992, p. 34
*Dale Whitman Returns to BYU
*Professor Named Editor of BYU
*Monroe G. McKay Installed as Chief
*Bill of Rights Symposium Highlights
Annual Meeting
Fall 1992, p. 26
*Pro Bono Publico
*Reflections on the ABA and Abortion
*Stephen Mikita ‟82 Receives
Prestigious Award
*Waldrip Designated as Fellow
*Ryan Tibbits ‟84 Joins Conferences
*Jerry Fenn ‟83 Appointed Vice-Chair
*Bruce Snow Returns as Law School
Development Officer
*In Memoriam: Margaret R. Nelson „76
Spring 1993, p. 24
*Portraits: James H. Backman, W. Cole
Durham, Jr., Richard G. Wilkins,
*Students, Alumni Team up on Pro Bond
*Twenty years and Taking Off
*Law Students Win Regional Tournament
*Alumni Travel to Russia
*Zendejas, Robinson Work with Tribal
Fall 1993, p. 30
*Portraits: Heidi K. Hubbard, Lynn D.
Wardle, Kevin J. Worthen
*Dean Hansen Continues Consultation
Visits to Eastern Europe
*The Visionaries: BYU‟s Twentieth Law
School Class Seeks Excellence, Service
Spring 1994, p. 36
*Professor Sherman Rogers from
Howard University Enjoys Fall Visiting
*Without Walls: Jorge H. Galvez, Jill
Taylor, and Bill Wingo
Fall 1994, p. 33
*Young Mission Presidents: James and
Joyce Hamula, Steve and Phyllis Snow,
Monte and Anne Stewart, Mark and
Linda Zobrist
*Interview with Mary Hales Hoagland
Spring 1995, p. 38
*Vene Vidi Vici: Bill Orton, Enid
Greene Waldholtz, Christine Fox, and
Douglas Short
*Michael Goldsmith Joins U.S.
Sentencing Commission
*Los Angeles Chapter Still Moving-and
*Clark Memorandum on the Web
Fall 1995, p. 42
*Law Society Members Called as
Mission Presidents
*A Taste of Air Force Lawyering
*Making Sense
*A Creative Reading Between the Lines
of History
*Welcome Home R&B
Spring 1997, p. 39
*David and Chelom Leavitt: Small
Towns, Big Decisions
*Law School Garners Awards at Indian
Moot Court Competition
Fall 1997, p. 30
*Portraits: Brett Scharff, Tom Lee,
*On to New Frontiers: The Increasing
Number of Judicial Clerkships
Spring/Summer 1998, p. 43
*Seeing the Elephant: 12 Western Legal
History Sources
*Is this a Regional or a National Law
Winter 1998, p. 26
*Read Great Literature: If you learn
great stories and poems, they will return
to you as metaphors, comforts, and even
closing arguments
Fall 2000, p. 40
*Law Society Member Made Mission
*Clark Memorandum Gathers Awards
Spring 2001, p. 39
*Law Alum David Nuffer Serves as
Utah Bar President
*Thomas Griffith Returns to BYU
*Moot Court Teams Triumph
Fall 2002, p. 44
*New Mission Presidents Include Law
School Alumni
*Kristin Gerdy: More Honors
*G. Murray Snow Named to Arizona
Court of Appeals
*Kelly Reeves and Tim Critchlow: New
Development for the Law School
*Lola Wilcock, Admissions Director
*Remarks to the Law School
Community on September 11, 2002
*Carolyn Stewart Honored by University
Spring 2002, p. 24
*Vance and Laurie Everett
*Law Society Book
*LDS Perspective on Law
*Law Briefs
*Law and Religion Symposium
*Clark Law Society Training
*Class Notes
Spring 2003, p. 23
*Rex E. Lee Solicitors General
*Justice Sandra Day O‟Conner Visits
*Law and Religion Symposium
*Lisa Cope, Anita Mantano, and
Carolyn Stewart
*Law Society Leadership Training
*The Law School Alumni and Friends
*Law Society Chapters Select Honorees
for 2002
Fall 2003, p. 24
*Jay S. Bybee, Ninth Circuit Judge
*Shima Baradaran Robinson
*President of the Utah Minority Bar
*New Mission Presidents
*Love in Time of SARS
*Kasey Haws Paves the Way for the
Redland Temple
*Centro Hispano Center
*Larry Echohawk/Alumni Weekend
Spring 2004, p. 29
*Bill Atkin
*Bryan Jackons/Ryan E. Tibbitts/David
G. Campbell/Michael W. Mosman
*Kif Augustine-Adams
*Making Music on Temple Square
*Chinese Judges Visit Law School
*Habitat for Humanity
*New Dean of the Law School/ Kirton
& McConkie
*2002 Olympics
*New Sculpture Unveiled
*Class Notes/ Student Essay
Fall 2004, p. 41
*Michael Neider
*Community Mediation Center
*Yoram Chady
*New Appointments
*New Judges / In Memorium
*Alumni Weekend
*New Mission President
*Life in the Law
Spring 2005, p. 27
*Talking About Ethics in a Post-Enron
*The Art of Courtroom Advocacy
*Cliff Fleming and David Thomas
*In Memorium
*Doin‟ Justice
*Two Law Alums Join BYU
*Alumni Women‟s Law Forum
*A Child‟s Hope Foundation
*Austin Chapter Law Society
*Class Notes
*Watching Ukraine Vote Orange
*Life in the Law
Fall 2005, p. 34
*Farewell to Constance K. Lundberg
*Profile on College Presidents
*International Externships
*New Mission Presidents
*New General Authority
*Alumni Weekend
Spring 2006, p. 24
*Law Society / Alumni News
*2005 BYU International Law and
Religion Symposium
*Being a Lawyer in the Fullest Sense
*Robert C. O‟Brien / sue Purdon
*Recent Appointments
*Class Notes
*Life in the Law
Fall 2006, p. 28
* Tony Kronman Visits BYU
*Law School News
*Alumni News
*Life in the Law
Spring 2007, p. 29
* The Fight Against Internet
* Class Notes
* Life in the Law
Fall 2007, p. 36
*New Faculty
*New Church Assignments
* Life in the Law
Spring 2008, p. 27
Colton Chair
Chief Justice Roberts
J. Reuben Clark DVD
Susan Purdon Sully
Faculty News
Class Notes
Life in the Law
Fall 2008, p. 27
Judge Michael McConnell
Changes at the Law School
Church Assignments
Donated Paintings
Annual Arts Night
Life in the Law
Spring 2009, p. 27
Hansen President of AALS
Batting for the Cure
Law School Awards
In Remembrance
JRCLS Judicial Clerkships
Class Notes
Life in the Law
Fall 2009, p. 38
* Awards and Appointments
* Church Calls
* Life in the Law
Spring 2010, p. 32
*Conference Excerpt
*New Era Excerpt
*Awards and Appointments
*In Memoriam
*Class Notes
*Life in the Law
Fall 2010, p. 33
*New Faculty Members
*Prof. David Thomas and Stephen Wood Retire
*Tom Lee – Utah Supreme Court
*Pro Bono Attorney of the Year
*James Gordon Asst. to Pres.
*New Mission Presidents
*New General Authorities
*Hafens Called to St. George Temple
*Life in the Law
Spring 2011, p. 37
*JRCLS West African Chapter Formed
*Class Notes
*Life in the Law
Fall 2011, p. 30
*New Mission Presidents
*Life in the Law
Spring 2012, p. 32
*Amigo Brief
*Stories from Alumni: Robert A. Johnson ‘76
*Friberg Portrait
*Roman Plates Exhibit
*Life in the Law
Fall 2012, p. 34
*Giving Back: Jim Parkinson ‘76
*Stories from Alumni
*CM on the iPad
Spring 2013, p. 38
*”Go, and Sin No More”
*When it is All Over
*What’s in a Name?
*Life in the Law
Fall 2013, p. 38
*Scott W. Cameron
*Life in the Law