Approved Steet Name List - City of Fort Collins, CO

In recognition of the past name of Colorado State
This is a common name given to A&M university students.
Today the Aggie tradition at CSU carries on as the
nostalgic nickname.
Maurice Albertson
C.S.U. Professor, Director of Colorado State University
Research Foundation, Consultant to UNESCO, and one of
the architects of the Peace Corps.
Teller Ammons
Teller Ammons was one of the youngest men ever to
become governor of Colorado in 1936. (See attached
D.C. Armitage
City Commission of Works, 10-2-13 to 4-10-16 and
4-12-32 to 4-12-38; also was an alderman 4-21-13 to 10-213.
John Ayres
Having arrived in the 1880 's, the Ayres family is
considered to be genuine pioneers. Descendants have
contributed to the community over the generations and are
in-laws to the Collamer’s (see below).
Ann Azari
Councilmember 1989 – 1993; Mayor 1993-1999.
Ray Barger
Larimer County Sheriff for many years.
Immigrant family name and prosperous local merchants.
In recognition of a large family of Volga-Germans that
immigrated to the area primarily to work the sugar beet
Ainsworth E. Blount
First professor of Practical Agriculture at Colorado
Agricultural College beginning in 1879, famous for his
agricultural research and experiments, focusing on small
grains and improving agricultural practices statewide.
Jay Bouton
City Attorney, alderman eight years; president Board of
Education. 18 years; 1870's, 1880's.
Rattlesnake Jack Brinkhoff
Buried in the Manhattan Cemetery near Livermore,
‘Rattlesnake Jack” was buried there in March 1970 with
special permission from Ron Anderson, then of the Forest
Service. Anderson reportedly said, "Jack always lived on
hard rock - he ought to be put to rest on hard rock."
Louis Brown Jr.
Highly decorated veteran of U.S. Air Force, Larimer
County Administrator, Member of the Poudre School
District Board of Education, and member of numerous
service organizations including the United Way, Salvation
Army and the Red Cross.
Dr. Karl Carson
Fort Collins Mayor from 1968 to 1973, helped found the
Community Foundation of Northern Colorado, President of
the Fort Collins Symphony, President of the Colorado
Municipal League and the Colorado League of Cities and
led efforts to build the Lincoln Center, the bike trail system
and helped establish the City’s fluoridated water system.
Stewart “Stew” Case
Born in Fort Collins May 15, 1916. He was influential in
starting the Fort Collins Recreational Department.
Stan Case
Stan and his wife Lola purchased the historic Arrowhead
Lodge in the Poudre Canyon in 1946.
A historic place name in reference to the farm and orchard
owned by Agnes Wright Spring, author and state historian
in both Colorado and Wyoming and member of the
National Cowgirl Hall of Fame, offered as one of two
alternatives for County Road 11. (Recently selected for a
local street in Waterfield Subdivision 3rd Filing.)
Chief Friday
Chief Friday was leader of the Arapahoe in the Cache La
Poudre area during settlement.
Samuel H. Clammer
Mayor, 10-27-13 to 4-9-18.
Tom Coffey
City Manager, 10-1-65 to 6-12-72.
Judge Claude Coffin
Discoverer of Folsom site in northern Larimer County,
City Attorney 8-30-24 to 1-12-25.
Major Roy Coffin
Discoverer of Folsom site in northern Larimer County.
Arthur Collamer
Born into a large pioneer family in 1893 and worked a
variety of jobs including stage coach driver, he and his
family continuously operated the wood lot just around the
bend of the “Y” at Highway 287 and Highway One for 115
Ralph Coyte
Colorado Judge and namesake of the Ralph Coyte
Memorial Law Library. (Larimer County Bar Assoc.)
Alice and Helen Dickerson moved to their grandparent’s
82-acre homestead in the Buckhorn Canyon as very young
children. As adults, the sisters made or grew nearly
everything they needed. For over 80 years, from the 1910s
until their deaths in the 1990s, the Dickerson sisters truly
represented our vanishing pioneer heritage.
Three brothers who owned a pickle factory on Riverside
Drive, and founded Jax Surplus.
Lawrence Durrell*
CSU senior faculty member, scientist, very instrumental
in starting the Colorado Agricultural Research Foundation
which greatly added to the growth of the university, 1940's.
J.W.N. (Bill) Fead
Bill served on City Council from 1971-1975 and as Mayor
from 1974-1975. He was a valued Civil Engineering
professor at CSU from 1957 until his retirement in 1995
during which time he played a key role in moving the
Department of Civil Engineering into the national spotlight.
First Elk Woman
First Elk Woman was the Sioux Indian wife of Antoine
Janis, the first permanent settler in Larimer County. She
was of the Red Cloud family.
JD Forney
Prominent Fort Collins industrialist (developed the arc
welder) and built a large home on South Grant Street.
Leonard & Katherine Franz Leonard & Katherine Franz Farmed in Fossil Creek area
commencing in1882, later bought land on corner of
Harmony Road and Timberline Road; sold
Harmony/Timberline property in 1917 for construction of
the Harmony Store.
J. Ray French
Fort Collins High School football coach, team won state
championships in early 1940s.
Frank Ghent
Charter member of City Water Board, 1963 to 1967,
Chamber of Commerce "Man of the Year" for 1982.
George Glover*
First Dean of Veterinary Medicine at CSU, turn of the
century to 1934.
Jack A. Harvey
Mayor, 4-14-59 to 4-11-61.
Clara Hatton*
CSU Senior faculty member, early 1900's.
Earl Hodges
Fire Department, 1930's to 1950's.
Benjamin Hottel
Two terms as alderman, instrumental in bringing to Fort
Collins its first large industry, the sugar beet factory,
Amos Jiron
In recognition of a Hispanic family, like so many others,
that moved here from the San Luis Valley to work in the
sugar beet harvest.
Orville P. Kelly
Chief of the Fort Collins Police Department for 19 years:
J.A.C. Kissock
Checked and audited city books, two terms City Council,
father of Fort Collins sewer system, on City Council 4-1167 to 5-13-70.
Fred & Viola Kluver
President of the Poudre Valley Bank and prominent family
known for their philanthropy.
Charles Lauterbach
Established a cigar factory and retail store on the
Vanderwark Block on Jefferson Street and later at 210
Linden Street.
Carl & Augusta Levine
In recognition of the Levine’s years of dedication to the arts
and to the community.
Liston Leyendecker
Wrote biography of George Pullman (Pullman Car);
resident of Fort Collins.
Emma Mallaby
North-side grocery store owner.
In recognition of a prominent farm family and the
contributions of Japanese Americans in local agriculture.
John & Phyllis Mattingly
Long-term Fort Collins residents who, combined, made
significant contributions to the local business and social
scene (John - one of the founders, along with Gerald
Moyer, of Aqua Tec, later renamed to Water Pik, in 1962)
(Phyllis – competitive ballroom dancer and graphologist).
Hattie McDaniel
Hattie McDaniel was an accomplished actress most widely
known for her role as “Mammy” in Gone With the Wind.
Hattie lived in Fort Collins for a time as a child.
Glenn Morris
Athletic star at Colorado Agricultural College and 1936
Olympic gold medalist at the Berlin games.
Lyman Nichols
An expert in micro writing, Nichols perfected optical
instruments that were used in bomb sights by U.S. aircraft
in WWII. These sights were credited with improved
accuracy thus helping to shorten the war. Nichols and his
wife made their home on Lindenmeier Road on a hill
overlooking Long Pond after his retirement in 1951.
In recognition of an early farming family that had a large
farm in south Fort Collins.
Guy Palmes
City Manager, 2-24-39 to 9-15-61.
Ralph Parshall
Inventor of the “Parshall Flume.”
Grace Espy Patton-Cowles
First woman registered voter to Fort Collins - 1894;
State Superintendent of Public Instruction.
Bill Robb
Architect and one of the first community planners;
established an architectural firm in 1953 known today as
RB&B; served on several boards and commissions,
including the city’s first Planning and Zoning Board;
designed Saint Luke’s Episcopal and First United
Methodist churches and the Old City Hall among others.
Franklin Pierce Rudolph
Arrived in Fort Collins in 1906, farmed and built a large
home and three silos, road became known as Three Silos
Road, now Summit View Drive, descendants still live in
the area.
Bob Sears
Prominent local businessman who founded a successful
lumber company.
Harry Smiley
Manager and volunteer at museum, 6-1-63 to 6-1-70.
Pappy Spencer
Prospector and burro wrangler (skinner) who kept his
burros at Overland Trail and Elizabeth.
Elfreda Stebbins
First Librarian at Carnegie Library (now museum)
Librarian for 28 years 1904 to 1932.
Lee Suniga
Prominent local citizen who rose from being a migrant
worker; accomplished athlete who used baseball to help
break down racial barriers.
Ellen Thexton
In charge of cultural and performing arts, 7-1-76 to 9-6-83.
John & Tom Toliver
Prominent local family who founded a successful hardware
business and built a large home recognized for its art deco
T.P. Treadwell
Fire Chief, upgraded department 2-1-30 to 8-15-52.
Prominent business man who owned a lumber mill and
Corky Walt
Decorated WWII Army general.
C.C. (Clancy) Wanneka
Descendant of Colorado homesteaders and graduate of
Colorado A&M. C.C. served on the State Board of
Agriculture, including four years as president, during years
of significant growth for CSU.
David Watrous
Manager and volunteer at museum, editor of Fort Collins
Byron White
Fort Collins native, attended Wellington schools, AllAmerican football player at C.U., awarded two Bronze
Stars in World War. Two, Rhodes Scholar, appointed to the
U.S. Supreme Court by President Kennedy in 1962, served
as a Supreme Court Justice for 30 years.
White Gold
The name given to sugar beets in recognition of the
economic importance of this commodity.
Earl Wilkinson
Moved to Fort Collins in 1924, Served on City Council
from 1974 to 1981, Mayor from 1976 to 1977, Community
Builder of the Year - 1990, long serving member of
numerous organizations including the Jaycees, Chamber of
Commerce (president), Platte River Power Authority,
Downtown Development Authority, Longs Peak Council of
the Boy Scouts, Colorado Municipal League and charter
member of the Transportation Advisory Board.
*Names given by CSU