Exis%ng NAD Adven%st Campus Ministry Groups:
Allegheny East Conference: Reported by Pierre E.enne, Howard University Graduate Student
• Bowie State University Bible Study in Maryland
• Howard University Student Organiza.on in Washington DC
• UMBC -­‐ "FUGI" (Fellowship Under God’s Influence)
• University of Maryland, Bal.more Campus
• Temple University
• Philadelphia UMD group
• John Hopkins University
Arizona Conference: Reported by Benjamin Lundquist, Young Adult Director, Arizona Conference
• Arizona State University (Camel Back SDA Church)
• Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff SDA Church)
Carolina Conference: Reported by Phil Rosburg, Carolina Conference Associate Youth Director
• Chapel Hill/Duke/NC State campuses
• Ministry at Clemson. Central California Conference: • Cal Poly Technical University, San Luis Obispo (San Luis Obispo SDA Church)
• Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Colorado Conference: Reported by Kirk King, ACF for CU
• Colorado State University (Fort Collins SDA Church)
• Colorado University at Boulder (Boulder SDA Church).
Georgia Cumberland Conference: Reported by Michaela Lawrence Jeffrey, Campus Ministries Director, Georgia Cumberland Conference
• East Tennessee State University (Johnson City SDA Church)
• Emory University (Advent Hope SDA Church)
• Georgia Ins.tute Of Technology (Duluth SDA Church)
• Georgia State University (Atlanta Berean/Atlanta Korean SDA Churches)
• Kennesaw State University (Marie]a SDA Church)
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• Tennessee Tech University (Cookeville SDA Church)
• University of Georgia (Athens SDA Church)
• University of Tennessee, Cha]anooga (Collegedale & The Well SDA Churches)
• University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Knoxville First SDA Church)
• University of West Georgia (Carrollton SDA Church)
Greater New York Conference: Reported by Chaplain Ruben Sanchez, Greater New York Conference
• ACF Columbia (Advent Hope SDA Church)
• ACF Brooklyn College
• ACF In the Village with students from different like New York School of Law, The New School, CUNY, New York Film Academy
Kansas/Nebraska Conference: Reported by Chaplain Rich Carlson, Union College
• University of Nebraska, Lincoln (College Place SDA Church)
Indiana Conference: • Indiana University, Bloomington
Illinois Conference: • University of Illinois
Michigan Conference: Reported by Chaplain Sebas.en Braxton, Campus Hope
•University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Ann Arbor SDA Church)
• Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilan. (Ann Arbor SDA Church)
• Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo SDA Church) • Michigan Tech University-­‐Houghton, MI (Houghton SDA Church)
• Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI (East Lansing SDA Church)
• Lansing Community College, Lansing, MI (East Lansing SDA Church)
• Lake Michigan Community College-­‐Berrien Springs
• Ferris State University (Big Rapids SDA Church)
• Wayne State University (Oakwood SDA Church)
• Oakland Community College (Oakwood SDA Church)
Minnesota Conference: Reported by Anna Romauld, Associate Young Adult Director, Minnesota Conference
• University Of Minnesota.
Missouri Conference: • University of Missouri
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Montana Conference: • University of Montana, Missoula
New England Conference: Reported by Chaplain Angelo Grasso, New England Conference
• Harvard University (Boston Temple SDA Church)
• Massachuse]s Ins.tute Of Technology (Boston Temple SDA Church)
• Tuas University, Salem State University
• University of Massachuse]s-­‐Boston
• University Of Massachuse]s-­‐Amherst
• Dartmouth University
Unofficially recognized: • Berklee College Of Performing Arts
• Boston University
• University Of Maine
• Northeastern
• Boston College.
New York Conference Groups: Reported by Pastor Dus.n Hall, ACF for NY Conference. • Cornell University/ Ithaca College
• Binghamton University
• Rochester Ins.tute of Technology
• Monroe Community College
• University of Rochester
• SUNY Geneseo
• Syracuse University
• University at Buffalo/ Buffalo State combined group
• University of Albany. Northern California Conference: Reported by Chaplain Ron Pickell, University of California, Berkeley
• Sacramento State University (Carmichael SDA Church)
• American River Community College
• Sierra Community College
• University of California Berkeley (Berkeley SDA Church)
• University of California Davis
• Chico State University (Chico SDA Church).
Ohio Conference: • University of Ohio, Dayton
• Ohio University, Athens
• Wright State Community College (Ke]ering SDA Church)
• University of Akron (Akron SDA Church)
• University of Cincinna.
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Oregon Conference: Reported by Tracy Wood, Associate Youth Director, Oregon Conference
• Oregon State University (Corvallis SDA Church).
South Central Conference: Reported by Kyla Harris, student • Wallace Community College, Selma
Southern California Conference: Reported by Pastor David Gardner, Santa Barbara SDA Church
• University of California Los Angeles
• University of Southern California
• California State University North Ridge
• University of California Santa Barbara.
Southeastern California Conference: Reported by Eric Penick, Associate Youth Director, Southeastern California Conference
• University of California Riverside
• California State Fullerton
• University of California San Diego
Note: This is a es.mate. For instance, ANEW, an SDA campus ministry group is ministering to students in the Mid-­‐Atlan.c States covering some 22 campuses. This brings the total to somewhere around 130 campus ministry groups that we can document with another 10 or so soon to come on board.
New Adven)st Campus Ministry Groups Soon To Be Launched:
• Carolina Conference: Eastern Carolina and UNC Asheville
• Greater New York Conference: Hunter College and City College
Texas Conference: Reported by Elissa Morris, Graduate student
• Texas A & M University -­‐ College Sta.on (Church: Three Angels SDA church)
• Texas A & M at Prairie View
• Rice University
• University of Texas at Aus.n
• University of Texas at Arlington.
Washington Conference: • University of Washington, Kent
Canada (Reported by Brian Wahl, Youth Director Columbia Conference)
Bri%sh Columbia: • University of Victoria
• Simon Fraser University
Ontario, Canada: AMiCUS groups include: • University of Toronto
• York University
• University of Western Ontario
• McMaster University
• University of Windsor
• Queen's University
• University of Alberta, Edmonton
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