Ovarian: SDA Pathway Rapid Access to Gynae Team or MDM

Ovarian: SDA Pathway
2/52 results apt with Consultant and CNS. Post Op check.
‘Thinking Ahead’ leaflet given. Treatment Summary dictated.
Discuss tumour marker check with relevant patients-see
CNS/Support Worker issues letter to patient asking them
to attend GP 2 weeks prior to next appointment to have
tumour markers checked if their markers were elevated
at diagnosis. Letter to GP also.
4/12 appointment with Consultant. Examine. Assess post op issues. Check
Treatment Summary Issued.
Tumour marker determines pathway.
SDA for patient whose previously elevated markers are now normal:
Discharge from consultant and appoint to NURGYO1 for HNA.
Consultant follow-up if markers are still elevated or complex issues. Consider
SDA in future if complex issues resolve
SDA Patients
Gynae CNS Holistic Needs
Assessment apt 5/12 post op
Give ‘Caring for yourself’ leaflet and
rapid access number. Psychosexual
assessment and counselling
included. Code SDDO by
Signposting to services available.
trigger list
Gynae Onc CNS/
Support Worker
(triage call within
48 hours / 2
working days)
Jan 2015 EMcC V1
Not for SDA
If tumour markers were not within
normal range at post op check:
Consultant led / Shared Care followup and appoint to appropriate
clinic. (NURGYO1 if for Nurse Led
/Shared Care)
Rapid Access to Gynae Team or MDM
Clinical Support Services: Education and Information: Physical Activity: Other Support Services
MDM decision: potential SDA patient.
Borderline Ovarian Cancer - Treatment complete.