The Lottery (pp. 231–246)


Name Date Period Selection Outline

Unit 5

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The Lottery

(pp. 231–246)

Directions Fill in the outline below. Filling in the blanks will help you as you read and study

“ Th e Lottery.”

I. Beginning of the Selection (pp. 233–235)

A. Gathering for the Lottery

1. The lottery is held at ten o’clock and lasts less than ___________ hours.

2. Billy ___________ has already stuffed his pockets full of stones.

a. The boys choose the ___________ and roundest stones.

3. The women greet each other and exchange bits of ___________ as they join their husbands.

B. The Black Box

1. Mr. ___________ conducts the lottery.

2. Mr. Graves places a ___________ in the center of the square.

3. Old Man Warner is the ___________ man in town.

4. The black box is ___________ badly and in some places faded or stained.

5. Mr. Martin and ___________ hold the box while Mr. Summers stirs the papers.

6. The box is stored in different places each year—in Mr. Graves’s ___________, in the post office, or on a shelf in Martin’s grocery.


II. Middle of the Selection (pp. 235–240)

A. The Rules

1. The ___________ swears in Mr. Summers as the official of the lottery.

2. Now the ___________ speaks to each person approaching.

3. Mrs. ___________ comes in late because she forgot what day it is.

4. Clyde ___________ is missing, so Janey, his wife, will draw for him.

5. ___________ will draw for himself and his mother.

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