Feminist Theory (The Great Gatsby)

Feminist Theory
With this lens, we look at whether or not a text pushes for feminine power or
submissiveness. Is it seeking equality of the genders, attempting to create a hierarchy
with either men or women on top, or is it not concerned with gender relationships?
1. List the female characters on one side of this chart, and males on the other:
2. In general, are the male or female characters more powerful? Richer? Kinder?
More sympathetic? How else might they be different?
3. Look at the following passages and comment on what Fitzgerald is saying about
gender (take subversion into account):
bottom of 21
bottom of 23
bottom of 41
bottom of 99
top of 156
4. Are there any new ideas or themes you can learn by using the Feminist Theory lens
with The Great Gatsby?