Heavy Flow Feminist Art Piece

Sara Wenger
Feminist Art and Culture
Professor Joyce Burstein
Heavy Flow
If asked should women have equal rights as women most likely a woman would say yes.
I live with four women. Four strong, intelligent, beautiful women. Whether or not they have said
“I am a feminist,” I believe they are in their own way. They do not appear to be the stereotypical
feminist, but I think that is what makes them unique individuals. They are women who cannot be
defined. A growing generation of women who have yet to show their full potential. Unable to
show who they are without actually showing their flesh and bone, I portray them as form and
color. Our house composed by five young females. Young females that have different hearts,
different minds, different souls, but breathe the same air. Shaped by gas, liquids, and solids;
combined as one our home is one massive fucking hot flash. I give you a glimpse of our humble
home. The extraordinary women that I live with and are too modest to say it themselves.