Guided Reading

Mr. Martin
US History
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Chapter #11: The Roaring 1920s
Directions: Answer the following questions to the best of your ability. I have listed the sections in which you
can find the answers. Good luck, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.
 Recognize trends, ideas, innovation of the 1920s popular culture.
 Interpret primary sources reflecting 1920s social dynamics.
Section I: A Booming Economy pg. 324
Define Henry Ford, mass production, Model T, scientific management, assembly lines.
How much was a Model T Ford in 1927?
What other industries did the growth of the car business affect?
Give some examples of products that were sold as a result of the increased availability of electricity?
Define: consumer revolution, installment buying, bull market, buying on margin.
Section III: Social and Cultural Tension pg. 335
Main Objectives:
 7.5 Recognize trends, ideas, innovations of 1920s popular culture.
Define: modernism, fundamentalism.
What was the Scopes Monkey trial about?
How did the quota system affect immigration from Europe? Which part of Europe affected the most?
How was immigration from Mexico affected during this time?
Describe the Ku Klux Klan. How many members did the organization have at its height?
Define: prohibition, 18th Amendment, Volstead Act, and Bootleggers.
How did prohibition contribute to the spread of organized crime in America?
How did alcohol become legal again?
Section VI: A New Mass Culture pg. 343
9. How did city life and farm life differ (Leisure time)?
10. When did movies get sound? Who was the most popular silent movie star?
11. How did the radio and phonograph help create a “mass culture” in America?
12. How did the new mass media contribute to the popularity of heroes?
13. What did Babe Ruth do for a living? What were two of his nicknames? (History Makers Bx. Pg. 345)
14. What is Charles Lindbergh famous for?
15. What is a flapper?
16. How did “family life” change for women in the 1920s?
17. Describe the “Lost Generation.”
 Describe F. Scott Fitzgerald
 Describe Ernest Hemmingway
Section V: The Harlem Renaissance
1. As a result of WWI and the Great Migration, where did many African-Americans relocate from and to?
2. Describe the movement led by Marcus Garvey? How did Marcus Garvey encourage African American
3. Describe Jazz.
4. What was the Harlem Renaissance? What lasting impact did the Harlem Renaissance have on US