Chapter 18 PreTest :

Multiple Choice: 2 points each


The Supreme Court decision that allowed “separate but equal” facilities was: a.

Brown v. Board of Education b.

Plessy v. Ferguson c.

Marbury v. Madison d.

Miranda v. Arizona


“Separate but Equal” facilities was outlawed by: a.

Brown v. Board of Education b.

Plessy v. Ferguson c.

Marbury v. Madison d.

Miranda v. Arizona


After watching television coverage of the brutal tactics used against protesters by the

Birmingham police, even opponents of the civil rights movement were: a.

appalled by the police violence b.

angry with the peaceful protesters c.

supportive of the actions of the police d.

uninterested in the confrontation


Which was a highlight of the March on Washington? a.

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech b.

President Kennedy’s “New Frontier” speech c.

President Johnson’s “Great Society” speech d.

Stokely Carmichael’s “Black Power” speech


Which of the following was a result of the civil rights movement? a.

the federal government rebuilt the nation’s ghettos b.

racism in the South came to an end c.

thousands of African Americans could vote for the first time d.

all of the above


Martin Luther King, Jr., influenced by Gandhi, believed in: a.

“an eye for an eye” b.

violent revolution c.

nonviolent protest d.

fighting back only if struck first


“Freedom Riders” were successful in: a.

abolishing the poll tax b.

getting more blacks enrolled in southern colleges c.

integrating interstate bus terminals d.

bringing needed food and supplies into the South


Race riots of the 1960s were a result of: a.

the assassination of black leaders b.

slow movement on civil rights c.

nonviolent protest d.

both a and b


The Montgomery bus boycott resulted in all of the following EXCEPT: a.

established King as a civil rights leader b.

the end of Montgomery bus segregation c.

proved the successful tactic of nonviolent protest d.

changed the opinion of most white southerners


The Black Panthers wanted African Americans to: a.

end the urban riots b.

lead their own communities c.

practice nonviolent protest d.

join interracial groups