World History French Revolution M

World History
French Revolution
M. Lynde
Review of Key Facts
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Directions: Cut the appropriate answers of the attached sheet and apply them to the
correct boxes. Then answer the following review of key facts
Chapter Summary: The French Revolution was one of the great turning points in history.
The years from 1789 through 1815 in France were chaotic, and change came in
unexpected ways. The chart below illustrates the causes and effects of the French
Meeting of the Estates- General
Adoption of important reforms
by nobility in the National
Declaration of Rights
Return of Louis XVI to Paris
Reign of Terror
Creation of the French Empire
Battle of Trafalgar
Deaths of hundreds of
thousands and the downfall of
Reviewing Key Facts
1. Government: What was the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen?
2. History: What event started the French Revolution?
3. Government: What reforms did the National Assembly make between 1789 and
4. History: Why was Louis XIV executed?
5. Government: How did Rosbespierre and the Committee of Public Safety deal with
opponents of the government? What was the effect of their policies?
6. Government: How did Napoleon assume power in France and become Emperor?
7. Geography: How did the French Revolution lead to war with other European nations?
8. Economics: What was the purpose of the Continental System? Did it succeed?
9. History: Why was the French invasion of Russia a failure?