WH Quiz Review

WH Quiz Review
• Who was Maximilien Robespierre?
• Jacobin revolutionary who led the Reign of
• He tried to crush all opposition to the
• Who was Jacques Louis David?
• Leading painter during the French Revolution.
• Who was Olympe de Gouges?
• French journalist who demanded equal rights
for women.
• Who was Napoleon?
• French emperor who dominated Europe in the
early 1800s.
• Who was Clemens von Metternich?
• Austrian prince who wanted to restore the
status quo of 1792 at the Congress of Vienna
• How did thinkers during the Age of Reason
challenge the established social order?
• By calling for a just society based on reason.
• What increased American resentment of
British rule after 1763?
• taxation without representation in Parliament.
• Whose ideas does the Declaration of
Independence reflect?
• John Locke.
• Which group did the bourgeoisie belong to?
• The Third Estate
• There was inequality among the three estates.
What were some of those inequalities?
• France’s economy was mainly supported by
the 3rd Estate b/c they were the only ones
require to pay taxes.
• Why did French nobles resist Necker’s
financial reforms?
• they wanted to pay no taxes.
• Which document from the French Revolution
stated that all men were born free and equal
in rights? (Hint- it’s the French equivalent to
the Declaration of Independence).
• The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the
• Which of the following areas did Napoleon annex
to France?
• a.
• the Netherlands
• c.
• Poland
• b.
• Russia
• d.
• Britain
• the Netherlands
• How did the Napoleonic Code reflect
Enlightenment principles?
• It guaranteed the equality of all citizens before
the law.
• What was the chief goal of the Congress of
• To create a lasting peace in Europe after the
Revolution and Napoleonic wars.
• Which group dominated Latin American social
and political life in the early 1800s?
• peninsulares
• Which event was the spark that finally set off
a widespread revolt in Latin America in the
early 1800s?
• Napoleon’s invasion of Spain
• Know the leaders of the independence
movements in Latin America. Refer to map
• Which American colony won independence
from France and became the only nonslave
nation in the Western Hemisphere?
• Haiti