Narrative Essay Info

Personal Narrative Essay
What is it?
The point of a Narrative Essay is to tell a story. In this case, you will
be telling us the story of “A Moment in Time.” This should be a life
changing event. Think of a time when, after an important event, or a
particularly difficult period, someone gave you life changing advice.
You could also think of an event or milestone that was life changing.
Either way, it needs to be something that changed you in a significant
How do I decide?
Think about times when you’ve been disappointed or had a great
achievement. Did someone give you advice that helped you to
mature or grow in some way? Have you ever gone through a really
difficult time that changed your outlook on life? Have you ever met
someone that changed the way you think about people or certain
groups? All of these are “Moments in Time” that leave us changed
forever. This is what your essay should be about.
The requirements:
This essay should reveal something significant about you. It should
be at least five paragraphs with a clear introduction, body paragraphs
with transitions, and a clear conclusion. Remember, a paragraph is 46 sentences.
What you Need to Include in Your Essay:
1. Re-creation of the “Moment in Time” you’ve decided on (you
are not describing the scene if you just say, “It was really
important to me that he said I do my best.”)
2. Explanation of the significance of the event and the change it
procured in your life.
3. Vivid descriptive language (we should be able to see the event
in our minds).
4. Figurative Language (similes, metaphors, personification)