Astronomy Research Paper

Astronomy Research Paper
You will be researching any topic in astronomy (below is a mini list) and handing in a 2-3 page
paper. You will need to find as much information as you can about your topic. I am giving you 2
class days to research, type, and turn in your paper. Therefore I expect a lot of valuable
information and a nicely presented paper.
1. If typed, must be at least 3 pages, double spaces, 12 point, Times New Roman font. You will
lose points if this is not the format.
2. If hand written, at least 2 pages front and back (if you write small, talk to me).
3. The topic must be astronomy related. If it has to do with space you can research it.
4. You need to site your sources at the end of your paper (this does not count as a page of your
5. It needs to be coherent and you must be able to understand what you are typing.
6. If you copy and paste you will get an F on the assignment.
Meteors, comets, asteroids
Black Holes
Dark matter
Space Travel
Astronauts (training, etc)