My topic of research is on New Media Management Styles and

My topic of research is on New Media Management Styles and Challenges in the
Globalized Era. For my methodology, I have conducted extensive qualitative analyses
of subjects from a wide range of New Media Marketing and Advertising Companies in
Hong Kong, effectively documenting their new management styles derived first and
foremost from corporate America, and the respective/collective challenges they
face under globalization and being at the doorstep of a rapidly modernizing China.
I understand that the deadline for abstract submission has passed, however I would still
like to ask for your kind consideration and brief extension of deadline to the end of this
week. However, in the event that an extension cannot be granted, I would still like very
much to attend the Conference as a member of audience to gather much-valued
inspiration and experience for my future academic career. As it is, I will be here in Dubai
during the period of the AUSACE Conference to promote my multi-disciplinary
architectural firm, AsiaCity Architects at the Cityscape Architectural Trade Fair held at
the Dubai International Exhibition Centre from 16 to 18 October. This event serves as
a major component of my field work related to New Media Marketing Strategies.