Traffic Light Assessment crib sheet

‘All About Me ‘
This information sheet aims to help you, and your family or carers, understand
more about the purpose of the ‘All About Me’ document and give you guidance
as to what you might want to include within it.
 The purpose of the ‘All About Me’ document is to help the people
who provide your care, and support, to understand about you and
your needs.
 As your needs change you should ensure that this document is
 ‘All About Me’ enables you, or your relatives and carers, to
document important information about yourself and your life both
past and present.
 This information should include:
- Important things that staff caring for you should know, for example,
your preferred name, your date of birth and who they should speak to
about your care. You may want to include information about life
threatening conditions such as epilepsy or diabetes, any medical
conditions you think people should be aware of or any allergies.
- Information about your daily routine such as how it is best to
communicate with you, how you move around and how to tell if you’re
in pain.
- What your likes and dislikes are such as whether you like to watch TV
or read a book. Aspects of your past life that may affect how you feel
now. What makes you happy and how you like your tea or coffee?
If you are unsure about advance care planning, advance directives or
power of attorney the information below may help you.
 An Advance Care Plan – is a written record that lets people know
about your views and wishes. Although not legally binding, an
advance care plan is the easiest way to record your wishes.
Supported by the Southern Derbyshire Dementia Implementation Group
May 2015
Version 3
 An Advance Directive – is a simple way to refuse certain
treatments. This used to be called a ‘living will’.
 A Lasting Power of Attorney – is a person you trust who you
choose to act on your behalf with your finances or make decisions
about your health care if you are unable to.
 ‘All About Me’ belongs to you and any staff caring for you should
make a copy and return it to you so that you can take it home.
If you are attending the hospital for an appointment, going to see your
GP, dentist or optician then you should take this with you. It may help
those people care for you more effectively and make your experience
Further copies of ‘All About Me’ can be obtained from:
Supported by the Southern Derbyshire Dementia Implementation Group
May 2015
Version 3