Family Dynamics Test Notes (Chapters 21

Family Dynamics Final Exam Test Notes (Chapters 2, 5-9,16, 20),
(Strengthening Family and Self)
1. Getting away from problems at home is not a healthy reason for getting married.
2. A benefit of community resources for a parent who has a child with disabilities could be helping provide emotional
3. As young people mature, they increase in their ability to predict the possible outcomes of a decision.
4. The way you feel about yourself is called your self-esteem.
5. Firmly shaking a person’s hand conveys a message.
6. Using direct eye contact conveys a nonverbal message of interest in what a person has to say.
7. Friendships help teens prepare for future long-term relationships.
8. A student who works with you on a club project is an example of an acquaintance.
9. Teens can control the influence of their peer group on their lives by being assertive about their own priorities.
10. Verbal abuse is a sign of an unhealthy relationship.
11. A characteristic of mature love is it deepens and grows as the relationship grows.
12. In the United States, marriage laws differ in each state.
13. The wife balancing the budget because she is good at math and her husband is not is an example of complementary
14. When couples handle their differences with hostility, they never really settle conflicts.
15. The adjustment that two people go through as they learn to function as a couple is called pair adjustment.
16. Help in identifying and resolving existing problems is more likely to be found in marital counseling than in a marriage
enrichment program.
17. Some companies offer two-week paternity leaves for new fathers.
18. Acceptance, anger and blaming are all part of the grieving cycle.
19. Maternity leave is a period of absence allowed from a job to give birth to a child.
20. A family schedule, technology, and to-do lists are resources that may be used to help balance the demands of work and
21. A person who is friendly, confident, and outgoing can be called an extrovert.
22. Thinking about the self in the future shows evidence of maturity.
23. A clear and accurate message cannot be communicated if the listener ignores the speaker.
24. The sender using I-statements to share personal thoughts helps two people experience a shared meaning.
25. Most people have more acquaintances than any other level of friendships.
26. Acquaintances, close friends, and good friends are all types of friendship.
27. All family members do not respond to a crisis event in the same way.
28. A function of dating is it helps people improve communication skills.
29. Romantic love is based on an instant desire for each other.
30. Couples can develop skills that will help them keep happiness in their relationship.
31. Empathy is the ability to think what another is thinking or feel what another is feeling.
32. Once a couple adjusts to their marital roles, there might be need for further changes in the relationship.
33. Accommodation is the pattern of adjustment used when couples choose to accept their differences and learn to live with
34. Managing multiple roles becomes even more challenging in a single-parent family.
35. When several small changes take place at the same time or close together, they produce a pileup effect.
36. A live-in nanny is most appropriate substitute childcare for parents who travel a lot or work unusual hours.
37. Managing household tasks requires cooperation and flexibility.
38. How other people respond to a person affects that person’s self-concept.
39. The ability to control behavior is a character trait known as self-discipline.
40. A receiver who responds to a sender with comments or a nod of the head is using shared meaning.
41. When others of the same age group try to influence a person to think and act like the group the person is experiencing
peer pressure.
42. In American society, dating is the pathway that leads to engagement and marriage.
43. A civil wedding ceremony is performed by a judicial or public official.
44. Verbal praise and thoughtful gestures can create a positive atmosphere in a relationship.
45. A marital relationship improves when good relationships are maintained with family members.
46. The work of the homemaker has value even though he or she does not receive a wage for the work.
47. An effect of a crisis on the family system is that it causes the system to become unbalanced.
48. A grandparent would always be the best choice of caregiver for a five-year-old.
49. A family member becoming unemployed is a source of external stress for the family.
50. Depression is a normal response when a person experiences a loss and goes through the process of grieving.
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