ENG 3U1: Grade 11 University English Introductory Writing Activity

ENG 3U1: Grade 11 University English
Introductory Writing Activity
“To read is to empower;
To empower is to write;
To write is to influence;
To influence is to change;
To change is to live.”
Jane Evershed
The written word has such a powerful and influential impact on people. The grade 11 University
English course is centered on the importance of English literature and of the necessity for literature in
our society.
As a way for me to get to know you personally, and as a student, you are to complete the following
Think about a piece of writing that has influenced you in some way in your life thus far. It could be a
novel, a play, a poem or anything that has made a powerful impact—either positively or negatively—in
your life. Based on that piece of writing, and on the above quotation, write a 300-400 word persuasive
essay on the power of the written word. Essentially, you are thinking about WHY literature is important
– and HOW the power of literature has been demonstrated in your experiences with literature.
Be sure to brainstorm and construct a strong thesis statement before you begin your outline. Also,
be sure to follow the proper essay format with an introduction, body paragraph(s) and conclusion, in
MLA format. Be aware of your grammar, punctuation and diction. Try to write in the 3rd person.
This should be typed, in MLA format, and is due: Friday, February 5th