Compare and Contrast Snakes and Lizards

Name __________________________
Fill out this venn diagram
 This VENN must contain at least 6 items in each section
Type up a compare and contrast article comparing the snakes to lizards
The compare contrast article must be typed in the following order:
1. An introductory paragraph (5 to 10 sentences)
2. A paragraph on only snakes (5 to 10 sentences)
3. A paragraph on only lizards (5 to 10 sentences)
4. A paragraph on the similarities between snakes and lizards (5 to 10 sentences)
5. A concluding paragraph(5 to 10 sentences)
6. This article must be typed single spaced with a double space between paragraphs.
7. It must by typed in Comic Sans size 12, or Times New Roman font size 12
Cite your work at the end of your entry
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