Requirements for the “What is Successful Parenting

Requirements for the “What is Successful Parenting?” Essay
 A title
 A minimum of five paragraphs:
o an intro
o one body paragraph for each subtopic (with a three subtopic
o a conclusion
 Each body paragraph must have an underlined topic statement.
 A minimum of four sentences per paragraph
 All sentences must start with a capital and end with a period.
 All sentences must be complete—with a subject and verb.
 Grammar should be good.
 Remember to separate ideas within your sentences with commas and
Other thoughts:
 Try to do more than the minimum.
 Your goal here is to inform your audience about what successful parenting is. It’s
not exactly a “How to” paper, but the prospective parent should understand better
after reading it not only what some important components are, but why they’re
important—how doing these things well will benefit each child.