A Template or Guide for your Persuasive Speech Outline

A Template or Guide for your Persuasive Speech Outline
A. Introduction
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 47 million Americans,
which is 20% of the population under the age of 65, were without health
insurance in 2008? Many people are under the assumption that the reason
why all of these people don’t have insurance is because they are too lazy
to work and pay for it, but this is not always the case. In fact, most of
these uninsured people were laid off a job, switched jobs or have a preexisting condition. How would you feel if one of these people were you or a
family member? What if you were sick and needed medical assistance and
couldn’t get it because you weren’t insured? Unfortunately I am very
familiar with this situation. Over the summer I was dropped from my dad’s
insurance because of pre-existing conditions. I had to get an insurance
plan on my own, which took awhile to find because of my pre-existing
conditions. While I was looking for an insurance company that would cover
me I was not able to go to the doctors. From this experience I have come
to realize how serious this issue has become, which is why Obama
introduced his health care reform, which would provide insurance to those
who can’t get it through private insurance companies. Today we are going
to bring to your attention how serious this issue is becoming and hope to
convince you that a health care reform is much needed. We are going to
discuss the benefits of the health care plan if you don’t have insurance, if
you do have insurance, some myths about the plan, and how it would help
the economy.
B. BODY of your Speech
1. Benefits if you don’t have health insurance
a. Coverage
b. Won’t be able to be dropped from insurance
c. If you lose your job or switch jobs you will still be covered
2. Myths about the health care plan
a. Illegal immigrants would be covered. This is not true. They will not
be covered. The only way they could get treatment is in an emergency
room. It is a law that emergency rooms are required to treat anyone
that comes in, whether they are legal or illegal.
b. Everyone will have to take the plan. If you don’t want the plan then
you do not have to take it and do not have to pay for it.
A Template or Guide for your Persuasive Speech Outline
c. The government will set doctors wages. Doctors will still be making
the same salary as they are not. The government will not determine
how much they get paid.
d. Abortions will be covered
e. The government is trying to take over health insurance. The
government has no intentions to do this. Their main goals are to get
people insurance that can’t get it otherwise and to bring competition to
insurance companies. Other insurance companies are going to have to
adjust their plans in order to keep up with the benefits of the universal
f. People from health insurance won’t benefit from it. There are
benefits if you have insurance and decide to take the universal plan
3. Benefits if you have health insurance
a. This insurance would cover what your private insurance company
doesn’t cover.
b. If you get dropped from your private insurance company, you will
have this to fall back on.
4. How it will help the economy
This insurance plan is intended to save over 4 trillion dollars in the
next 10 years.
1. Though there are still a few things that need to be worked out
about this plan there are many things that can benefit from it. I
encourage you to take action on our ongoing healthcare problem.
Failure to act will only allow this crisis to grow. More families will
go without coverage and more businesses will be forced to drop or
water down their healthcare plans.