Briar Rose Essay Expectations - Clearview Regional High School

Briar Rose Essay/Same (well, almost) as Before
Ok, gang, the Briar Rose Essay will be the same rubric and
expectation for each paragraph.
Things to remember:
Use the “funnel” approach to the intro with the claim at the end
Stick to tight supporting paragraph structure (topic sentence,
textual and critical (Hunter) support with tie in sentences bringing
it back to claim, closing sentence)
CLAIM STATEMENT (if you have a better one, come see me):
Much like the Grimm’s fairy tales before, Briar Rose is a symbolic
representation of an adolescent growth journey to adulthood.
EXCEPTION: If you find a critical source BETTER than Hunter to prove the
claim, bring it to me.
Good Luck! Work Hard! I am available in the morning, all day, or right
after school.
DUE TO TURNITIN.COM BY November 6TH AT 11:59 p.m.