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Exam Board AQA
Exam Board AQA
Aims >>
The aims of the course are set out below.
Develop a wide range of knowledge and understanding of central aspects of sociological thought and methodology.
Appreciate how sociologists study and understand its structures, processes and issues.
Develop skills to select and deploy sociological information for analysis and evaluation.
Curriculum >>>
AS Sociology:
Unit 1: Families and Households—the relationship and changes within families, why are divorce figures rising?
Unit 2: Education with Research Methods – what impact does your class have on your academic abilities.
AS Assessment
Unit 1 is tested by a short one hour examination where you read passages and respond to a number of structured
questions. It is worth 40% of the AS and 20% of the total A level marks.
Unit 2 is tested by a two hour examination where you read passages and respond to structured questions on
education, one question on research methods in relation to studying education and one question on sociological
research methods in the general field.
A2 Sociology:
Unit 3: Beliefs in Society—are people becoming less religious today? Why do some people join new religious
Unit 4: Crime and Deviance; Sociological Theory and Research Methods—who is the most likely criminal? Do prisons
work? What can observation tell us about criminal observation? What is the use of official statistics?
A2 Assessment
Unit 3 is tested by a 1.5 hour examination consisting of one set of structured questions and one essay.
Unit 4 is tested by a two hour examination consisting of structured questions on crime and deviance, one two part
question on sociological research methods relating to crime and deviance and one essay on sociological theory and
With this subject you could >>>
gain an excellent grounding for employment and one which is ideal for a wide range of Higher Education courses. It
leads on to a wide variety of careers but particularly, retailing, social work, management, personnel, media, law,
advertising, teaching and many para-medical careers.
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